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I want LONGER Telomeres Oprah Winfrey -November 1 st, 2007 Long Telomeres Short Telomeres.

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1 I want LONGER Telomeres Oprah Winfrey -November 1 st, 2007 Long Telomeres Short Telomeres

2 Telomere Biology: The Emerging Paradigm Shift Presentation by: Noel Thomas Patton Founder and Chairman Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. Jan. 26, 2010 in New York

3 What can be done to keep Telomeres long? Lead a healthy lifestyle Activate Telomerase

4 Telomerase can be turned on with a nutraceutical 2000: The Corporation discovered TA-65 a single molecule that turns on Telomerase 2002: T.A. Sciences exclusively licensed TA-65 from Geron 2007: TA-65 commercialized as a nutraceutical capsule through licensee doctors

5 How does TA-65 Work? TA-65 activates Telomerase in certain cells and lengthens Telomeres and/or slows their rate of loss. This allows cells to live longer in a more youthful state.

6 Schematic of Cell Rejuvenation Gene Expression Comparison: Actual data in: Funk et al, Exp Cell Res, 2000 10,000 10,000 genes on a chip a chip 10,000 10,000 genes on a chip a chip Young Telomerized (rejuvenated to Young) Old (notice overall changes )

7 Is TA-65 the Fountain of Youth? No, not in the case of a total human being: TA-65 activates Telomerase in selected biological systems, not in every cell of the entire organism But, TA-65 users have seen statistically significant improvements in their immune system, bone density, sexual performance, and several other key areas

8 Is it the Holy Grail? Maybe. For the first time in mankinds age-old quest, something has the potential to extend maximum human lifespan When cells in a petri dish in the lab have a constant supply of TA-65, the Hayflick limit is extended and death from old age is delayed

9 Telomerase can do some pretty powerful things Short Telomeres Long Telomeres Gray and Thinning Hair Weakened Immune System Intestinal Atrophy Reduced Spleen Size Decreased Wound Healing Decreased Lifespan! Rudolph, et al Cell 1999 Samper, et al EMBO rep 2001 These Mice are the Same Age! The one on top has no Telomerase. Slide courtesy of Bill Andrews

10 Human skin on a mouse YoungYoung TelomerizedTelomerized Skin Reconstitution: Old Cells Become Young Slide courtesy of Bill Andrews Funk et al, Exp Cell Res, 2000 OldOld

11 Who takes TA-65? Knowledgeable professionals capable of determining risk/reward ratios About half of our clients are MDs or PhDs Several are well known Telomere Biologists Who should take TA-65? Anyone over 40 who wants to intervene in age related decline Particularly those who have measured their Telomeres and found them to be short


13 Safety 5 years of development and safety testing before introducing TA-65 Hundreds of clients taking TA-65 Some for as long as 3 years Not a single adverse reaction reported by our licensed physicians Not a single diagnosis of new cancer Not a single report of increased cancer load for clients who already had cancer

14 Verified by Independent research

15 People currently taking TA-65 have seen the following results* Lengthening of the Shortest Telomeres. (These are the ones that really matter; it only takes one short Telomere out of the 92 in every cell to send a cell into crisis) Improved Immune system: In particular the % and absolute number of senescent CD8+/28- cells has significantly decreased. This is a reversal of what normally happens with age Improved bone density Improved cardiovascular and hormonal biomarkers that normally show decline with age There are also anecdotal results, such as improved energy and athletic performance, but these effects are not universal and vary among individuals *Human trial results substantiating these claims to be published in a peer reviewed scientific journal

16 TA-65 The Only Proven Telomerase Activating Product Available through licensed doctors Thanks to: Calvin Harley Bill Andrews Maria Blasco for their contributions to Telomere Biology and to this presentation

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