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CLL Session 5: L2 Processing LAEL, Lancaster University Florencia Franceschina.

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1 CLL Session 5: L2 Processing LAEL, Lancaster University Florencia Franceschina

2 Memory Gathercole and Baddeley (1994) working memoryinputoutput long-term memory

3 Memory J.R. Anderson (1983, 1995) declarative memory working memory production memory outside world

4 Attention vs automaticity There is a tension between – Attention to rule and form – Memory

5 Consciousness Attention Awareness Control

6 Noticing (Schmidt, 1990) Factors influencing noticing: – Frequency – Perceptual salience – Instruction – Processing ability – Readiness – Task demands

7 Stages of proceduralization (Raupach, 1984, 1987) 1) Cognitive stage 2) Associative stage 3) Autonomous stage

8 Measures of proceduralization (Grosjean and Deschamps, 1972) Speaking rate Articulation rate Phonation/time ratio MLU

9 Representation models Rule-based (Reber, 1989) Exemplar-based (MacWhinney, 1999) Dual-mode (Marcus et al., 1992)

10 Input processing models of SLA Comprehension-based models – Krashen (1985) Processing-based models – Van Patten (1996) – Schmidt (1990)

11 Input Processing Principles (Van Patten, 1996) Principle 1: learners process input for meaning before they process it for form Principle 2: For learners to process form that is not meaningful, they must be able to process informational or communicational content at no or little cost to attentional resources Principle 3: Learners possess default input processing strategies

12 Production models Levelt (1989, 1999)



15 Speech errors a. Exchanges *You have hissed all my mystery lectures You have missed all my history lectures b. Anticipations *I's a meal mystery It's a real mystery c. Perseverations *give the goy give the boy d. Substitutions, additions, omissions *his retters his letters *prich player rich player

16 Lexical decision task Source: Gough and Cosky (1977: 278), cited in Radford et al. (1999: 235)

17 Reading DeBot, K. and J. Kroll 2002: Psycholinguistics. In N. Schmitt (ed.): An introduction to applied linguistics. London: Arnold. Pp. 133-149.

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