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An ImageBank for your subject community?. Images are a powerful L & T tool.. The value of images in learning and teaching is well documented in the pedagogic.

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1 An ImageBank for your subject community?

2 Images are a powerful L & T tool.. The value of images in learning and teaching is well documented in the pedagogic literature Images interact with verbal and textual information to produce levels of comprehension and memory that exceed what is produced by verbal information alone





7 Most academics have difficulty in obtaining appropriate images for their teaching…

8 A user needs analysis of the bioscience educational community and subsequent feasibility study identified: A real need for freely available copyright cleared images for educational use Requests from our community to address this issue A willingness to share their images

9 ImageBank was launched in response to requests from our community…

10 About ImageBank

11 ImankBank is a shared online collection of bioscience images, available free and copyright- cleared for educational use ImageBank has grown entirely through contributions from the bioscience educational, community, industry and learned societies ImageBank has at all times maintained user needs as its primary focus LTSN Bioscience ImageBank is funded by JISC and LTSN Bioscience

12 ImageBank is a popular and valued resource

13 ImageBank is our Centre’s most popular and most valued resource… Rated the most useful resource developed by our Centre The 2nd most visited LTSN Bioscience web page (after the home page) by academics Currently receives over 1,000 hits per month Over 3,000 images have been contributed by academics and others We anticipate that popularity will grow as content grows

14 Images from ImageBank have been widely used in University course material as well as by others e.g. The Royal Society Diabetes Education and Training Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University. Science Museum, Sweden. The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) LTSN subject Centres ImageBank has opened an additional avenue for often enthusiastic interaction with our community and promotes and enhances the notion of sharing learning resources

15 What does ImageBank offer?


17 Thousands of images, many with descriptive text written by experts Range of image types: still images (diagrams and photos), animations, video clips, streamed media, etc. 1. Images and descriptions

18 Amanita muscaria growing under a mature spruce trees at Holystone, Northumberland. This species is a common mycorrhizal toadstool more typically associated with birch. This species is poisonous, but rarely deadly and contains a potent alkaloid toxin muscarine as well as a number of hallucinogens. It was dried and used as a fly repellent in former times.Taken with an Olympus OM4 with a Tamron 90mm macro lens and recorded on Kodak Ektachrome 100 film. Photo by Gordon Beakes © University of Newcastle, image courtesy LTSN Bioscience ImageBank

19 Many collections have been contributed The Henry Wellcome Cell Imaging Laboratory, UEA Astra Zeneca British Pharmacological Society Microbiological collection, University of Leeds

20 Cells and Microscopes: An interactive exploration. Dr G. Beakes, University of Newcastle CyberSlug - an Interactive Key to the Slugs. Dr. A. Cook, Unversity of Ulster Biochemical Engineering. Prof H. Bungay, Rensselaer, New York. Many CD ROMs have been contributed

21 The collection can be searched using specific words or browsed by: Bioscience subject discipline e.g. agriculture, biochemistry, Classification e.g. mammal, insect, bacteria Contributor Collection 2. Advanced searching and browsing





26 Images and text can be downloaded separately or added to a preview folder, allowing multiple images and text to be downloaded as a ZIP file. 3. Single or multiple image and text download


28 4. Online image submission Academics and others can easily contribute images online This online submission facility has greatly encouraged image contributions There is also an online image request facility


30 5. LINKS to other image collections. ImageBank offers links to evaluated on-line image collections Information on copyright and image use is provided where possible The ImageBank LINKS database is fully searchable and browsable



33 Delivering images to your community through an established framework…

34 ImageBank software is: Tailor-made for the educational community. Developed to a commercially comparable standard. Designed to be flexible, expandable and suitable for other subject areas Effective copyright clearance procedures are established and blanket clearance for all staff wishing to contribute is already obtained for several institutions …Why reinvent the wheel ?

35 An image resource for and by the Higher Education Academy? We feel there is an opportunity to provide a high- profile, high-impact image resource for ALL our subject communities, as we move into the Academy.

36 We are seeking expressions of interest… Contact: Dr. Aurora Levesley LTSN Centre for Bioscience Tel: 0113 343 3001 Email:

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