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F27SB2 Software Development 2 Lecture 0: Overview.

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1 F27SB2 Software Development 2 Lecture 0: Overview

2 Course Staff Lecturers: – Verena Rieser (VR):, office EM 1.36, office hours: Tues – Greg Michealson (GJM): office EM G.56 2

3 Teaching Assistants Tutorials & Labs: Craig Mackie Ruby Valverde Labs only: Matthias Keysermann Muhannad Hijaze Osama Khalifa Turkey Alsalkini

4 Organisation co-taught by Greg Michaelson (GJM) & Verena Rieser (VR) Lectures: – Tuesday 13.15-14.15 EM 336 – Wednesday 12.15-13.15 EM 336 Tutorials – Wednesday 10.15-11.15 EM 250, or – Thursday 12.15-13.15 EM 250 Laboratory: – Thursday 15.15-17.15 EM 250

5 Organisation weekTues Lecture 13.15-14.15 Wed Tutorial 10.15-11.15 Wed Lecture 12.15-13.15 Thurs Tutorial 12.15-13.15 Thurs Lab 15.15-17.15 1GJM-VR- 2GJM VRGJM 3 4VR 5 6GJM 7 VR 8GJM VRGJM 9 VR 10GJM VRGJM 11-VRVR revisionVR- 12GJM revision---check off

6 Assessment exam – 50% – multiple choice - 50% VR + 50% GJM coursework – 50% = 25% VR + 25% GJM – GJM: 5 * laboratory exercises – may be multi-part – checked off in laboratory

7 GJM Contact Greg Michaelson – works Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday only EM G56 – if light on then knock on door... x3422 – rapid response course material on Vision and on WWW page

8 Overview 8. Syllabus Inheritance and Generics: hierarchies, subclasses, polymorphism, static and dynamic type, overriding, dynamic method lookup. Designing classes: coupling, cohesion, abstraction, modularisation, types Abstract classes, abstract methods, interfaces State machines & state diagrams GUIs: components, layout, event handling Error-handling: defensive programming, exceptions, assertions, JUnit tests

9 Overview 10. Learning Outcomes Subject Mastery Understanding and application/ mastery of the object-oriented paradigm Understanding of inheritance and generics. Understand how to produce well designed, i.e. extendable and maintainable, code. Ability to critically evaluate and improve the quality of code. Ability to develop simple state diagrams Ability to design and implement simple graphic user interfaces

10 Overview Personal abilities Possession of fundamental skills in computer science, applicable throughout the remainder of the degree Understand challenges in developing, designing and maintaining code. Understanding of the importance of regular working habits (pdp) Ability to compare and evaluate the applicability of simple data structures and code design choices to relevant problems (pdp)

11 Notation Calibri – English descriptions Courier New – Java code Courier New italic – Java generalisation – replace with appropriate Java in specific circumstances

12 Notation e.g. to describe a method signature public void setSize(int width,int height) in method call, replace: – width with any integer expression – height with any integer expression e.g. setSize(200,220)

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