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The Carryduff Health Practice: Computing System Jenny Cosgrove Conor Boyle Azlin Rahman Medical Informatics.

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2 The Carryduff Health Practice: Computing System Jenny Cosgrove Conor Boyle Azlin Rahman Medical Informatics

3 The Carryduff Health Centre: An Introduction zEMIS GP Computing System used zDevise by doctors in Leeds 18 years ago zInstalled in the Carryduff Health Centre since 1991

4 The Carryduff Health Centre: An Introduction zTen minutes drive from Belfast (approx. 8miles away). zProvides healthcare to approximately 8000 people. zMade up of 4 GPs, 1 registrar and 4 supporting staffs. zFundholding practice

5 EMIS system: Cost zInstallation cost : £13 000 z75% spent was paid by the NHS to encourage the use of computers among GP practices zSystem updates itself constantly and automatically- no cost for updating zBenefits outweigh costs.

6 Security zSystem is password protected zEach staff member at surgery has own username and password zBlank screen after 2 minutes zComputer closes down to password screen zBuilt in virus checker

7 Security zDaily back-up zA copy is kept at the surgery in a fire- proof safe zA further copy is kept off-site

8 The EMIS system hosts a huge amount of features accommodating a major amount of the practice’s needs. Features used during consultations include; zappointment details zpatients records zprescriptions EMIS system: Features

9 EMIS Features: Appointments zAll appointments entered on to system (no longer a need for an appointment book) System details; z Arrival time of patient zLength of wait of patient zLength of consultation

10 EMIS Features: Patients Records zSurgery is now completely converted from paper to paperless zNotes typed during or after consultation on computer. (Can be slow) zPractice is ‘dabbling’ in voice consultations

11 EMIS Features: Prescriptions zAll prescriptions, entered, stored and printed from computers System details; zDose zUsage zPrescription details of drug prescribed.

12 EMIS Features: Prescriptions In new prescriptions, system; zChecks patients records zWarns doctor zOffers dosage list zDisplays cost zUpdates records

13 EMIS Features: Programs Mentor plus program Basically a medical text book on computer which holds; zConsultation videos zOnline advice leaflets zGeneral information Prodigy program is a further program detailing; z Treatment procedures z Advice z Contacts z Aids to diagnosis

14 EMIS Features: Additional zLab results sent through secure line from Belfast City Hospital zDisplay screen attached to computer in waiting room zSystem also holds referrals, budget and accounts information

15 Advantages and Disadvantages Computerisation within health care has many advantages, although it also introduces new problems and risks

16 Advantages zPossibility to improve security of data yPasswords xLogon xScreen saver xAutomatic logout yEncryption yHard disk locks yOnly doctor need see records yAudit trail

17 Advantages zPossibility to improve integrity of data yAll records related to patient are updated when just one record is changed e.G. Name yCertain fields may be obligatory before a record can be saved e.G. NHS number zRepeat prescriptions can be easily issued zPatients in specific disease groups can be isolated - helps in audit and drug trials

18 Advantages zDecision support systems - may improve care and accuracy of diagnosis - prodigy zOnline reference media yEnables doctors to quickly check information about certain conditions - up to date yMay be used to help educate the patient about their disease zMay actually speed up some consultations

19 Advantages zWaiting times in GP surgery can be assessed to determine efficiency of appointment times zGenerally saves time and effort although there is not much difference in cost due to the high price of equipment and need for constant updates

20 Disadvantages zIf correct security measures are not taken then risk may increase zContingency measures may not have been fully developed so problems may arise in event of system failure

21 Disadvantages zEntry of notes may be slow if the user has not enough experience zHospital letters are received in hardcopy and so must be typed or scanned (unreliable and time consuming) back into the computer zTraining zAttention may be drawn away from patient

22 EMIS system:Training zSelf taught zOne to two days training sessions zTraining in Windows

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