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Intranet Focus Ltd Search Check ECIR Industry Day, Dublin 21 April 2011 Martin White Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd.

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1 Intranet Focus Ltd Search Check ECIR Industry Day, Dublin 21 April 2011 Martin White Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd.


3 Intranet Focus Ltd Specification and selection of web content management and document management applications Specification, selection and implementation of enterprise search applications Development of information management and intranet strategies Development of governance and implementation strategies for Microsoft SharePoint


5 At a desktop near you?  “Now what?”  Search usability gets no attention  “How did that get in there?”  Lack of any rigour regarding information security  “What am I supposed to do with 200 results?”  No time to look at search logs and tune the system  “Where’s the report I wrote yesterday”  Crawling schedules all over the place  “Is that really the latest version?”  Who knows?  “Surely we must have this information in the system”  Yes, but not where the search engine is looking

6 Coll K Bank MU Intranets BU Intranets GF Insider Doc Academy Sales And Marketing Portal Search Autonomy IDOL Search Search User Interface Search Integration Layer People Finder Search MySite Info Service GO process HR Comms S & M IT 23 MUs4 BUs Comms IT User Desktop

7 Search top 50 queries in one month  ESS;7465  Primus;2673  teleconference;2118  ipm;1850  teamsite;1837  dme;1833  cats;1631  ecp;1619  mss;1368  LTE;1320  EBP;1151  gmdm;1146  job site;1108  ECC;1056  outlook;1052  PROPS;1036  piwin;964  smis;938  SAP;928  ecb3;881  Emo;819  travel;817  bent;800  hr direct;797  tems;785  CEDOLINE;763  winfiol;758  mars;749  tracy;732  ipm online;731  e-gate;720  racom;711  hr;699  concur;689  sdod;689  TPOP;682  candi;680  mhweb;671  sms;658  ELIS;651  conference call;637  rsg;631  IMS;621  prim;598  platform assistant;596  ecb4;595  gsdc;594  bete;571  my learning;570  sdmm;568 Employee self-service site Product release database Teleconference number

8 What approach are you considering for mobile search?

9 “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate ”

10 Search Check  This is an attempt to define ‘best practice’ through a heuristic (“based on rules”) approach  The best example is by James Robertson with his Intranet Review Toolkit, but there are others  intranet-based-collaboration-setups/ intranet-based-collaboration-setups/  As with most scoring approaches it is the discussion around a score that assists in defining issues, opportunities, challenges and solutions  Getting a perfect score is not possible



13 Search Check

14 The benchmarks  Management 9  User Support 5  Search Team 10  Operations 4  Query Management 7  User Experience 10  Query Log Analysis 4  Search Performance Assessment 3  Total 52

15 User Support  The search application has an internal user group  A Search Help Desk provides first-level support to users who are concerned that they are not being able to make effective use of the search application  The IT Help Desk and Search Help Desk are fully integrated and there is a protocol for the transfer of enquiries  New employees are given information on where on the intranet they can find advice on the use of the search application  User requirements are subject to continuous assessment so that appropriate action can be taken to achieve the highest possible levels of user satisfaction

16 CMS v Search – the load lines StartInstallImplement CMS Search Resources Rollout

17 A formula for success? T = xA+yB+zC+3 At least one analytics specialist (A) for each content language (x) One business specialist (B) for each business area (y) One help desk/training manager (C) for each major country (z) Core search team of three for search management, IT support and vendor relationship management Search team size

18 Intranet Focus Ltd The numbers add up!  Language support  English, French and German A = 3  Business support  Tax, consulting and recruitment B = 3  Training and help-desk support  USA, UK, France, Germany, China C = 5 Team size = 3+3+5+3 = 14!

19 Search Team  There is a search team made up of a range of appropriate skills and experience  The search team has terms of reference  The roles and responsibilities of the search team members are included in their job descriptions and evaluations  The search team have a responsibility to maintain close working relationships with related projects and teams  The training needs of members of the search team are kept under review  The search team publish a blog on search developments, hints and good practice  Members of the search team participate in the user group of the search vendor  The search team have access to relevant web sites and to a collection of books, reports and white papers on search topics  Members of the search team are members of one or more search communities of practice  Members of the search team are listed on the intranet


21 Search Check status  Current version dates from a workshop in December 2010  Some corrections and enhancements will be added in after using the methodology in a workshop at the Enterprise Search Summit in New York on 9 May  Search Check will then be released under a Creative Commons Licence in mid-May  Feedback from organisations using the methodology, and from the search community, will be used to continue to enhance the quality of the methodology  The “book” of the methodology will be released in October 2011

22 Resource shortfall!  ‘Making Search Work’ White (2007)  ‘Successful Enterprise Search Management’ Arnold and White (2009)  ‘Professional Microsoft Search’ Bennett, Fried, Kehoe and Voskresenskaya (2010)  Enterprise Search Summit events in the USA since 2002  Enterprise Search Europe in London on 24-25 October  Lecture series from Morgan and Claypool  LinkedIn Enterprise Search Professionals  Enterprise Search Meet-ups in London and Cambridge


24 Questions and suggestions? @intranetfocus

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