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Deployment Board Introduction David Kelsey 29 Oct 2004

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1 Deployment Board Introduction David Kelsey 29 Oct 2004

2 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro2 Agenda Morning –Objectives –Introduction –Review of past (the most recent quarter) –Current deployment issues Afternoon –Reports from related projects –Deployment Team plans –Future plans and priorities –Plans for next meeting (annual review) –AOB

3 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro3 Today’s Objectives First meeting of the new Deployment Board –Understand and agree its role –Identify individual responsibilities Agreed inputs and outputs of the DB Clear record of GridPP deployment plans and issues Understand how middleware and applications development will impact deployment activities Understand how CERN, UK NGS, Grid Ireland, EGEE and LCG developments will impact deployment activities Agreed list of priorities for the deployment team

4 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro4 Replaces GridPP1 Technical Board –Prototype to Production Mandate (primarily a technical body) –Determine and oversee execution of technical plan –Report to GridPP PMB –Ensure GridPP-wide issues discussed/solved –Provide forum for tech info exchange –Oversee deployment and use of GridPP h/w –Tier1 – Tier2 coordination/liaison –Ensure integration of external tech developments Deployment Board

5 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro5 DB members Production Manager Jeremy Coles (RAL) –(acts as Deputy Chair) Tier1/A Manager Andrew Sansum (RAL) 4 Tier 2 Technical Coordinators –London Owen Maroney (Imperial) –North Grid Alessandra Forti (Manchester) –Scot Grid Fraser Speirs (Glasgow) –South Grid Rhys Newman (Oxford) UK HEP SYSMAN chair Pete Gronbech (Oxford) CERN T0/Deployment David Smith (CERN) Applications Area Coordinator Roger Jones (Lancaster) Middleware Area Coordinator Robin Middleton (RAL)

6 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro6 DB Members (2) Technical experts (invited by DB chair) –Stephen Burke(RAL) LHC deployment –Dave Colling (Imperial) Workload Management –Steve Fisher (RAL) Info&Monitoring –Andrew McNab (Manchester) Security –Robin Tasker(DL) Networking –Steve Traylen(RAL) Deployment UK NGS Stephen Pickles (Manchester) EGEE/Grid Ireland John Walsh (Dublin) DB chair DPK A total of some 20 people

7 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro7 DB tasks Meet Quarterly Review progress during last quarter –q reports, logbooks, metrics, milestones, deliverables, current status Consider and prioritise future plans –Short term and longer term Discuss technical issues (and resolve?) Once per year (Feb meeting – 2 days?) –More detailed review of complete year

8 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro8 Deployment Team The GridPP DTEAM Builds on the regular “TB-support” meetings –JC (Production Manager) – leads the team Where the action is! –Make and execute plans –Discuss and fix technical issues –Meet regularly DB will take a more formal overview –But is still a “technical” body –Can be consulted when DTEAM is stuck!

9 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro9 Communication Two new mail lists –GridPP-DB@jiscmail –GridPP-DTEAM@jiscmail Mail list attributes Web pages – –Public unless we identify a need for a private area –We need to discuss how to develop the deployment area web (infrastructure)

10 29-Oct-04GridPP DB Intro10 DB relations PMB DBUB T1ABT2BM/S/NAPPS LCG/EGEE/CERNT0 UK NGS & Grid Ireland GridPP DTEAM

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