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UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS III DE MADRID. UC3M is a young public university established in 1989 19,000 students enrolled.

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2 UC3M is a young public university established in 1989 19,000 students enrolled

3 3 Campuses in Madrid Region: Getafe: 11km far from capital Leganés: 12km far from capital Colmenarejo: 45km far from capital Colmenarejo Leganés Getafe Center of Madrid Very well connected by public transportation with the city center by BUS TRAIN SUBWAY

4 BASIC STRUCTURE 3 Schools (Bachelor programs)  School of Law Social Sciences (Getafe Campus)  School of Humanities, Communication and Library Sciences (Getafe Campus)  School of Engineering (Leganés Campus)

5 BASIC STRUCTURE Postgraduate studies & Research  One center for Advanced Studies (Masters and Doctoral programs)  One scientific Park (Leganés) Technology transfer R&D&I Training Breeding ground for new ventures

6 BASIC STRUCTURE Language Center Accredited centre for the Cervantes Institute Diploma (DELE) Spanish language courses for international students Authorized centre for the TOEFL, IELTS and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Other languages: French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese


8 THE BOLOGNA PROCESS UC3M is the first University in Spain adapted to the European Higher Education Area from the academic years 2008-09 Bachelor degrees: 4 years of study, common to all Spanish Universities 1 ECTS = 25 hours student work

9 THE BOLOGNA PROCESS Degrees adapted to EHAIE: Law and Social Sciences 9 Bachelor Degrees (Major degree) plus 5 combinations (minors) Humanities 4 Bachelor Degrees (Major degree) plus 2 double degrees School of Engineering 13 Bachelor Degrees

10 STRUCTURE OF BACHELOR DEGREES 4 years of study with 240 ECTS. 1 ECTS = 25 hours student work 1 YEAR = 60 ECTS Core subjects………………………………………….. 38 to 42 /year Elective subjects……………………………………... 3 to 6 ECTS each Required general courses ………………………18 ECTS Humanities ………………………………… 6 ECTS Languages ……………………..…………..6 ECTS Skills (Oral and written expression/ information research) ……………….. 6 ECTS Internships in companies in all degree programs, either elective or compulsory depending on the degree Final project

11 3 on-site hours a week, divided into two sessions A 90-minute weekly session in a reduced group of no more than 40 students with a practical or applied teaching emphasis A 90-minute session in a group of up to 120 students with a theory- based focus If you have a subject with lab time you will have 6 hours of laboratory, computer lab...for each subject in groups of 10 students

12 BACHELOR DEGREES IN ENGLISH (100%) OR BILINGUAL (at least 50% taught in English) Business Administration Economics Journalism Film, TV and Media Studies Finance and Accounting Electrical Power Engineering Aerospace Engineering Biomedical Engineering Industrial Technology Engineering Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineering Computers Engineering Mechanical Engineering Audiovisual System Engineering Communication System Engineering Telematics Engineering Telecommunication Technology Engineering Energy Engineering

13 MASTERS PROGRAMS (in English) Business and Economics - Master in Economic AnalysisMaster in Economic Analysis - Master in Business and Quantitative MethodsMaster in Business and Quantitative Methods - Master in FinanceMaster in Finance - Master in Human Resources ManagementMaster in Human Resources Management - Master in Industrial Economics and MarketsMaster in Industrial Economics and Markets - Master in ManagementMaster in Management - Master in MarketingMaster in Marketing - Master in Economic Development and Growth (Erasmus Mundus)Master in Economic Development and Growth (Erasmus Mundus) - Executive Master in Financial AnalysisExecutive Master in Financial Analysis - UC3M – Draft FCB Master in Branded Content and Transmedia CommunicationUC3M – Draft FCB Master in Branded Content and Transmedia Communication Sciences and Engineering - European Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering PhysicsEuropean Master in Nuclear Fusion Science and Engineering Physics - Master in Mathematical EngineeringMaster in Mathematical Engineering - Master in Telematic EngineeringMaster in Telematic Engineering - Master in Multimedia and CommunicationsMaster in Multimedia and Communications - Master in Informatics EngineeringMaster in Informatics Engineering - Master in Aircraft Systems IntegrationMaster in Aircraft Systems Integration

14 PhD PROGRAMS (in English) PhD Business Administration and Quantitative Methods PhD Economics PhD Economic History PhD Telematic Engineering

15 RESEARCH €26 M awarded last year to UC3M Departments and Institutes (through official and private business financing) UC3M is the university with the largest number of faculty whose research received a positive evaluation from the Ministry of Education Among the top three in Spain for number of articles in international publications JCR, doctoral theses and research projects per professor

16 A UNIVERSITY IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE UC3M has been consistently ranked among the six best in Spain by the national ranking El Mundo since 2004. The international ranking QS has given 347 position to UC3M in 2011/2012. In 2011, UC3M’s project Campus Carlos III was awarded Campus of International Excellence by the Ministries of Education and Science of Spain for the third year in a row. The award was given because of "the high potential to achieve international excellence once put into practice the strategic project".

17 INTERNATIONALIZATION International exchange agreements: Europe:365 Universities North America:60 Universities Latin America:33 Universities Asia:50 Universities Oceania: 6 Universities ERASMUS EXCHANGE NETWORK OUTGOING: 923 students, academic year 2012-13 9% increase over previous year INCOMING: 850 students, academic year 2012-13 18% increase over previous year EXCHANGE PROGRAMS WITH NON-EUROPEAN COUNTRIES OUTGOING: 294 students, academic year 2012-2013 34% increase over the previous year INCOMING: 360 students academic year 2012-13 8% increase over previous year



20 SOME INFRAESTRUCTURES LIBRARY 4 libraries with fully centralized and automated bibliographic resource system. over 472,000 volumes collection of 8,800 audiovisual resources 14,809 accessible electronic documents IT Wifi in all Campuses + 1,200 PC in computer rooms SPORTS FACILITIES Indoor swimming pool, Spa, Basket, football, tennis, athletics facilities


22 In summary A public university committed to: Development of society through knowledge and research A comprehensive humanities education for its students Solidarity, cooperation and respect for the environment values

23 Thank you very much! ¡ Muchas gracias !

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