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OeRC and the South East Regional e-Research Consortium Anne Trefethen, David Wallom.

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1 OeRC and the South East Regional e-Research Consortium Anne Trefethen, David Wallom

2 Overview OeRC Projects Reuse Oxford-Reading joint position

3 The OeRC A new department within the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division –Remit to connect across the divisions to use innovative computational and information science in multidisciplinary collaborations Engagement based on collaborative work –Support current projects –Expand e-Research into other research areas Done through... –Shared posts –Working collaboratively in areas of research –Making our areas of expertise accessible –Helping prepare new grant applications –Providing supporting e-Infrastructure –Connecting with other groups regionally, nationally and internationally

4 10 million years of climate models run. ~300,000 registered volunteers donating compute resources New projects sponsored by Microsoft to demonstrate regional as well as global modelling of two areas of interest, North West USA and Southern Africa.

5 Building a Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities (BVREH) –creating a workspace and tools for humanities research. C18th Document workspace Digital pens, Access Grid Research Discovery Service Ancient Document workspace

6 OptIPputer Linking materials (Oxford) and biomedical (San Diego) expertise for shared visualisation and electron microscopy using world leading facilities Using high performance UK Lightpath network to establish dedicated connection with suitable QOS

7 Cancer and Cardiac Imaging Develop an architecture, and prototype to create dynamically configurable research environments Develop algorithms for locating the mesorectal facia for improved ability for successful surgery

8 Reusing Tools and Technologies within OeRC and SeReRC Harvest and re-use technologies and tools from across e-Research projects –Development of volunteer computing infrastructure from CPDN for other areas including drug discovery, transport and other public interest science –Tools and techniques developed for Virtual Research Environments from BVREH and Integrative Biology can be reused, e.g. Archaeology, History, Linguistics. –Architecture for remote microscopy of electron microscopes can be repurposed for other imaging equipment, e.g. optical microscopy –Algorithms and toolkits for colorectal cancer identification can be used for other image shape based projects, e.g. Study of Ancient documents. Development of programming techniques and algorithms to fully utilise hybrid systems arriving due to multi-core and easily available accelerator technology

9 Oxford-Reading Joint position Already benefiting from inter institutional collaboration Completing survey of research computing activities within Oxford User outreach –Development of usage and possible collaboration Development of campus grid infrastructure –VM based node for departmental condor pools –Accounting infrastructure using GOLD

10 Conclusion SEReRC is of strategic importance to the OeRC and the region Reusing developed tools and technologies will give significant benefits to new research areas Sharing staff between collaborating institutions will give head start for collaborative projects

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