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1 Incident and Problem Management

2 Incident - Definition and Objectives
An unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the Quality of an IT Service. Failure of a Configuration Item that has not yet impacted Service is also an Incident The goal of Incident Management is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible following an incident, while minimizing impact to business operations and ensuring quality is maintained

3 Problem - Definition and Objectives
A cause of one or more Incidents. The cause is not usually known at the time a Problem Record is created, and the Problem Management Process is responsible for further investigation. The primary Objectives of Problem Management are to prevent Incidents from happening and to minimize the Impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented.

4 Incidents, Problems and Knowledge Articles
Lead Incident Lead Incident Incident Incident Incident Incident Knowledge Articles

5 Priorities and SLAs Four Priorities: Default is 3 - Moderate
Only Incidents with priority 1, 2 and 3 have SLAs

6 Priorities and SLAs This will STOP the SLA running

7 Categorisation

8 Incident Type Default is Incident

9 Service and Service Product
List of Associated Service Products Two Service Product Categorisations: Initial Resolution

10 CI Map Service Map

11 Service Product Owner

12 Source Default is Phone

13 Assignment Groups You can reassign to any team
Group A Group B You can reassign to any team Group C Group C can view records not in their group

14 Roles Three Roles Service Desk ITIL – SD Service Management – ITIL SM

15 Incident States Can be changed by: Buttons Quick Message Emails

16 Incident States Can be changed by: Buttons Quick Message Emails
Assignment An Incident is Resolved BEFORE it is Closed

17 Creating a Problem Created automatically when:
P1 or P2 Incident is Resolved and a Workaround has been provided

18 Problem States Permanent Fix is implemented
No Permanent Fix – Technical Constraint No Permanent Fix – Too Costly Workaround Rejected Closed

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