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26.10.10.  Apply the knowledge from books into reality  Opportunity to learn day-to-day tasks when running a survey  Opportunity to feel what it means.

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1 26.10.10

2  Apply the knowledge from books into reality  Opportunity to learn day-to-day tasks when running a survey  Opportunity to feel what it means to work on a survey

3  Survey Skills Programme - 1 seminar day - 0-3 field days  Working at Survey Organization - 10 (+0-3) days of placement on a survey related task at ISER or another respectful organization


5  One seminar day in London: - Morning session on practical aspects of data collection - Afternoon session on a specific survey, discussing its design and related challenges

6  Follow-up training: - In the end of the seminar you will be asked your preference on further training - Interviewer shadowing (recommended) - Attending interviewer training - Many other opportunities

7 18-Nov-10 LondonLongitudinal Citizenship Survey IPSOS- MORI Only one space remaining 06-Jan-11LondonCrime British Crime Survey TNS- BMRB 26-Jan-11LondonLongitudinal English Longitudinal Study of Ageing NatCen 16-Feb-11London Housing Survey English Housing Survey ONS To register:

8  £20 per day for UK-registered student to attend London seminar  Travel costs for a train to London  Possibility of waving the seminar fees and travel reimbursement  Submit the form immediately after registration  If financial support is refused: let me know

9  Make it clear you are requesting £20 fees waver  To estimate travel costs:


11  Every student is allocated to ISER (or another survey organization) for 10 (+0-3) days  Each student is assigned a different tailored to his / her interests task

12  To gain experience and feel of real work  To have additional bullet points on your resume (task, survey organization, skills, report or possibly a working paper)  To have something interesting to talk about during your job interview  Potential reference from your supervisor

13  10 full time working days  plus 0-3 depending on the number of days spent in further Survey Skills Training  i.e. if (in addition to London seminar) you shadowed an interviewer one day and attended interviewer debriefing another day, then 13-2=11 days for placement at a survey organization

14  2 full time weeks (+ 0-3 days) placement at ISER: between 28 th of March and 13 th of May  If working part time: possibility of one day a week during spring semester (between January 17 and April 22)  Preferences?

15 Week No.DescriptionMondayTuesday WednesdayThursday FridaySaturdaySunday 16Spring term17-Jan18-Jan19-Jan20-Jan21-Jan22-Jan23-Jan 17Spring term24-Jan25-Jan26-Jan27-Jan28-Jan29-Jan30-Jan 18Spring term31-Jan01-Feb02-Feb03-Feb04-Feb05-Feb06-Feb 19Spring term07-Feb08-Feb09-Feb10-Feb11-Feb12-Feb13-Feb 20Spring term14-Feb15-Feb16-Feb17-Feb18-Feb19-Feb20-Feb 21Spring term21-Feb22-Feb23-Feb24-Feb25-Feb26-Feb27-Feb 22Spring term28-Feb01-Mar02-Mar03-Mar04-Mar05-Mar06-Mar 23Spring term07-Mar08-Mar09-Mar10-Mar11-Mar12-Mar13-Mar 24Spring term14-Mar15-Mar16-Mar17-Mar18-Mar19-Mar20-Mar 25Spring term21-Mar22-Mar23-Mar24-Mar25-Mar26-Mar27-Mar 26Easter Vac28-Mar29-Mar30-Mar31-Mar01-Apr02-Apr03-Apr 27Easter Vac04-Apr05-Apr06-Apr07-Apr08-Apr09-Apr10-Apr 28Easter Vac11-Apr12-Apr13-Apr14-Apr15-Apr16-Apr17-Apr 29Easter Vac18-Apr19-Apr20-Apr21-Apr22-Apr23-Apr24-Apr 30 Summer term + early exams25-Apr26-Apr27-Apr28-Apr29-Apr30-Apr01-May 31 Summer term + early exams02-May03-May04-May05-May06-May07-May08-May 32 Summer term + early exams09-May10-May11-May12-May13-May14-May15-May

16  Assignment will take into account preference of a student to the extent possible  The projects available are all from ISER and on Understanding Society survey  Pick three most preferred

17  Survey Skills Scheme - participation in the Survey Skills Scheme activities (5%) - diary reflections for each day  Placement - placement supervisor evaluation (10%); - a written placement diary reflecting on the application of theoretical knowledge learned during the classes to the practical situations (60%); - a presentation to staff and other students at the beginning of the summer term (25%);

18  Write each day as if an email to a friend  Important points to note: - what you have learned - what knowledge from books did you apply - what is different between practice and books - not descriptive!!! - should have 14 days described (including one London day)  Deadline: May 17 2011

19  20 minute presentation on any aspect of your placement  All supervisors, Nick Allum and all ISER researchers are invited  Prepare slides and practice!!!  Pick maximum 3 most interesting points to present

20  Final Practicum Placement  Discussion of Survey Skills Scheme experience  Feedback on your first Diary entries

21  Email request to Jessica Broome  Say you are a Masters student in Survey Research at the University of Essex and enjoy


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