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Subject Librarians’ Forum on eLD #4 24 February & 12 March.

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1 Subject Librarians’ Forum on eLD #4 24 February & 12 March

2 Updates since November 2013  eLD Blog (JR)  Updates since November  FAQs (JG)  ERICOM performance (IH)  Printing (KB)  Transfers and T&F pilot (JAR)  Example of a mono query – publisher/imprint (JAR)  Closing records for serials – holdings for print (JAR)  Metadata (AF)  Deep-linking (IH)  Web archive (ST)  Tablets (IH)  Group Work: User Education & publicity  Q&A (IH) Today

3 eLD Blog Username: bodlibseld - Password: DukeHumfrey Login details also on the eLD intranet pages


5 eLD FAQs for Subject Librarians Six Categories  Selection  Processing  Space  Promotion  Web Archive  Miscellaneous FAQs for Subject Librarians (pdf) on intranet

6 ERICOM performance By end of March 2014, develop agreed set of formal performance tests (and test programme) to be carried out in each library. By spring 2014, implement first performance tests in all LDLs, in a programme to be specified by the Technical Group, in order to establish the performance baseline. Every 6 months carry out formal, structured performance testing in all LDLs to identify any need for improvement.

7 Printing Goal: common system shared by all eLD libraries still under investigation Challenge: enable printing with any printing systems i.e. PCAS

8 3 local temporary solutions under investigation Printing

9 Staff-mediated printing service Payment through PCAS 1.eLD tab in SOLO similar to “scan & deliver” model led by James Shaw’s team 2. Printing in reading room via nominated (?) staff computer Printing

10 Self-service (integrated with PCAS?) 3.Dedicated eLD printer per Bodleian Library linked to readers’ computers. All 3 solutions Printing

11 Collections updates Monograph transfers and T&F The importance of publisher/imprint awareness Serial transfers 133,144 eLD journal articles now in SOLO

12 Transfers - Monographs The BL has been approached by more publishers wishing to transition to eLD. There will be a new spreadsheet listing publishers old and new. We will be asked to vote using two criteria: a) as things are today b) when the metadata, printing and access issues have been solved. We expect that these votes will differ in some cases. Subject Librarians will be consulted. The BL is not proposing to re-engage with T&F until May 2014 when they will begin a phase of sample testing. A final date for ‘go live’ has not yet been agreed.

13 Publishers and Imprints: the need for awareness A reader queries non-receipt of a John Murray title. A Subject Librarian requests a priority claim under LD from LDO staff. LDO staff check Agency records and find Hachette is the publisher of the title. As Hachette owns John Murray we are unable to claim a print copy as Hachette has transferred to eLD. Umbrella publishers and their imprints will be listed where possible on the Intranet at Subject Librarians should be prepared to consult this list or the publisher’s website before requesting a claim for a print copy.

14 Publishers and Imprints: the need for awareness

15 Example: Publisher/Imprint information for Hachette

16 Transfers - Serials To recap: Informa Healthcare, Maney and Wiley transferred in 2013 and content is available on SOLO. OUP, Sage, CUP, Emerald, EUP, MUP will transfer to eLD from January 2014. All the new 2014 journal publishers have deposited content via Portico or directly except OUP.

17 Closing records for print serials on SOLO A pilot process has been tested in LDO and this has proved successful. LDO staff are closing all serial print holdings for titles received under LD except for those recorded at the Law Library. Law Library staff have been trained to close records and they are doing so. We alerted SLs when we began to close records for Maney, Informa Healthcare and Wiley and we will let you know when this has been completed. However, remedial work will be ongoing.

18 Wiley Wiley have agreed to provide their full global suite of journal titles on the basis that they never receive another claim for print copies. They will be added to Portico. We are very lucky that they have taken this approach as they are certainly not legally obliged to do so! This will give us access to 433 titles in addition to the approx 1200 we were expecting. We are currently awaiting their final list of titles. Because of the extra Wiley content we will not engage with Elsevier within this year’s funding.

19 Serials. Print to Digital Transition – a benefit!

20 Metadata update : how do the readers find and access eLD content in SOLO?


22 Types of Metadata for eLD Title-level records (= bibliographic records) – Ejournals – Ebooks Article-level records – Articles in ejournals – Chapters in books? Issue-level records? – To reconstitute journal issues or books

23 Title-level Records

24 Article-level Records

25 Where does the metadata come from? Journal publishers (article-level DCQ records) The British Library (title-level MARC records) Vendors, e.g. Ingram (ONIX records) The Legal Deposit Libraries will probably share the enhancement of some of the MARC metadata The LDLs Metadata Group is discussing a core record standard for ebooks

26 Demonstration of Metadata in Action

27 Deep-linking Useful for teaching packs or if you want to email the details to a reader.

28 Tablets projects BL Phase 1 (March) identify tactical solution for tablet access collating and analysing the requirements and views of all the legal deposit libraries & publishers recommend the option most likely to be accepted by all stakeholders Bodleian Tablets WP Use of smart display client to desk-mounted alternative reading solution Big question: can we hard-wire it into the library network????

29 Legal Deposit UK Web Archive An Update

30 Capturing the unexpected using ‘rapid response’ crawls ‘webstorms’ “a flurry of productive activity that happens on the web in unpredictably predictable ways. You don’t know when it will happen, but there will be bursts of generative activity on the web in which many actors are producing material about the phenomenon.” Dr. Kirsten Foot, Social Scientist, the University of Washington




34 Typhoon Haiyan Documenting the UK response 8 Nov 2013 Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall Svenja Kunze and Rosanna Blakeley selected 500 seeds for the collection


36 What’s involved? Scoping the collection – content and covering dates Populating the collection with two ‘seed’ types: 1.News content being collected anyway as a key site (= just adding metadata and locating seed within the collection) 2.Relevant content not scheduled for harvest, which would not otherwise be captured Check seeds fit the eLD criteria Choose archiving frequency Google search parameters helpful in the selection process Seed-level metadata Collection-level metadata


38 Death of Nelson Mandela, Dec 2013 Curators across LDLs involved Lucy McCann for the Bodleian


40 Capturing the expected

41 Special Collections in need of curators European Parliament elections (May 2014) Centenary of outbreak of the First World War (28 July 2014) Scottish independence referendum (18 September 2014) Commonwealth Games, Glasgow (July-August 2014) Want to get involved?

42 New guide for LDUKWA Access Tool Aimed at ‘Staff in Reference Services’ How to use the interface FAQ Search tips See the eLD Intranet pages at

43 Group work: User Education & publicity (20mins)  Ideas how best to engage readers in eLD once have enough eLD material available.  Consider what you think will be the particularly difficult problems for our readers. Publicity / communication Training (briefings, classes, guides, tutorials, front- line 1-1, ad-hoc, different media)  Split into groups of up to 5 to consider the needs of different user groups: students, academics & researchers, external readers.

44 Final Q&A?

45 Look at & sign up to eLD Blog: staff Update Collection Development Policy Learn your imprints & publishers & vote in forthcoming publisher priorities consultation

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