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Wales Environment Research Hub Dr Shaun Russell Director, WERH.

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1 Wales Environment Research Hub Dr Shaun Russell Director, WERH

2 The Wales Environment Research Hub (WERH) is located on the ground floor of the Environment Centre Wales building in Bangor

3 Building officially opened by Rt Hon Gordon Brown on 15th February, 2008

4 WERH is sponsored by: The Welsh Assembly Government, Department for Environment and Sustainability (DES) Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Environment Agency Wales (EAW) Forestry Commission Wales (FCW). WERH also receives in-kind support from: Bangor University and CEH

5 Director – Dr Shaun Russell Temporary Research Assistant – Dr Saskia Pagella Part-time Administrative Assistant – Jane Smith Part-time Administrative Assistant – Lindsey Rogers WERH STAFF

6 The purpose of WERH is to: “Provide coordination and promote collaboration in the environmental research sector, to strengthen the evidence base for practical policies and actions in support of the Wales Environment Strategy ”

7 Hub’s Overarching Roles (from Hub legal agreement, 2011-2013) informing the science-policy Interface identification of immediate evidence needs and futures- orientated assessments developing an overview of collaborative ventures and identification of opportunities Contributing to Welsh datasets knowledge translation and exchange

8 WERH products and services: Databases of environmental research, organisations and funding opportunities Website to disseminate information about environmental research in Wales Themed reviews and reports Hosting of workshops and conferences, including joint-use of Environment Centre Wales (ECW) facilities “Hot-desks” in Hub office for use by visiting researchers

9 Hub to develop a system of regular updates and e-mail alerts – “Quarterly Digest”

10 Hosting of workshops and conferences


12 New Wales Ministerial Team

13 Hub Priority Work Themes 1) Ecosystem Services and Valuation 2) Climate Change – Mitigation, Impacts and Adaptation 3) Environmental Monitoring in Wales 4) Integrated Land and Water Management


15 Biodiversity Trends - Wales Native and non-native plant species richness of repeat survey plots in Wales, from the Countryside Survey (2009). Wales butterflies - habitat specialists declining Wales wild birds population index (WAG Statistical Directorate 2009)

16 Figure 20.32: Rivers of good biological quality: 1990 - 2009 Regulating Services – water quality

17 Figure20. 30 Areas important for carbon storage (in soil or vegetation. Crown Copyright. All rights reserved Countryside Council for Wales 2010 Regulating Services – carbon storage

18 Wales - imports and exports of food commodities (2009) Wales – reliance on external ecosystem services


20 Plausible Future Scenarios How might ecosystems and their services in the UK change in the future under plausible scenarios? For example under climate change. What are the future possible effects of changes in ecosystems on human well-being and who might most be affected?

21 Environment Agency: Land use and Environmental Services Report - 2009

22 Spatial relationships between Social Deprivation and Environmental Quality in Wales Index of Multiple Deprivation (8 variables) Index of Environmental Quality (13 variables)

23 Dr Shaun Russell Director, Wales Environment Research Hub (WERH) Website: E-mail: Tel: 01248 382918

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