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Impact: the Story so far Michael Kelly Director, LLAS University of Southampton.

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1 Impact: the Story so far Michael Kelly Director, LLAS University of Southampton

2 Impact: the theory Excellence is not enough Farewell to the Ivory Tower

3 Mission Foster world-class education in our subject areas Help provide the best possible learning experience for students Support our stakeholders

4 Impact: the theory The Chrestomathic University Teaching and research should serve social objectives Universities should produce useful knowledge (Bentham) Universities are accountable to the state and civil society

5 Impact: the practice Research assessment to include significant additional recognition ‘where high quality research has contributed to the economy, society, public policy, culture, the environment, international development or quality of life’ HEFCE ‘REF2014 Impact pilot exercise’ (2010)

6 Impact: the practice Embedding a ‘Culture of Impact’ cultivate a shared understanding of the impacts of arts and humanities research and the importance of being able to demonstrate such impacts. communicate the impacts of arts and humanities research to stakeholders in an effective and accessible manner. encourage the academic community to realise the cultural, social and economic impact potential of their activities. AHRC Impact Strategy

7 Impact: the practice Evaluating the non-academic impact of social science research –research leads to the production of different types of knowledge, –research-based knowledge might have an impact by, for example, including better informed public policy and decision-making, improved professional practice and organisational decision-making, different ways of thinking about the nature of social and economic problems, innovative solutions and improved public understanding and more informed public discourse ESRC International Symposium, May 2009

8 The Science news cycle micid=1174

9 Closer to home Impact on institution –Student recruitment –Student satisfaction –Research funding –Financial solvency –Ratings –Reputation (local, national, international) T.I.N.A.

10 Farewell note At the same time as renewing itself in this way, the department of {name} - just like all of our other academic units - is expected to be research intensive and to be producing work of an international and world-leading quality. No downsizing or excision of activity is welcomed by a University. However, at present, {name of department} is financially unsustainable at current levels of staffing and student recruitment. Nevertheless the University has used this situation to prompt imaginative thinking and what we are proposing offers the possibility of a secure and sustainable future.

11 Making the non-academic case Examples of impact on: –local communities –wider society: Politically Economically Culturally

12 Research topics guaranteed to be picked up by the news media cid=1175

13 Making the academic case Examples of impact on: –student learning –the national and international academic community –individual institutions: e.g. language and (inter)cultural expertise cultural enrichment internationalisation agenda exploitation of intellectual property

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