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The 5-day Lean Event Mark Robinson, The University of St Andrews.

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2 The 5-day Lean Event Mark Robinson, The University of St Andrews

3 Numbers

4 The University n Motto –AIEN ARISTEUEIN ‘Ever to be the Best’ n Tradition –Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English speaking world –600 years old (almost) n Teaching and Research –One of Europe's leading and most distinctive centres for teaching and research –Doing well in lots of rankings

5 Our approach to Lean n ‘Can do’ n Focus on working with Service Units –Core processes to enable Teaching, Learning and Research –Customer Service, Quality, Efficiency n Embed Lean –‘Lean’ is how we do things around here –It’s everyone’s job to improve everything n Lean Team works itself out of a job

6 How we do it 8 Step Process

7 Request n An area of potential work is identified –By frontline staff, managers, students, …. –Raise issue with Lean Team –1 to 2 hours –Discuss feasibility n The process concerned will not be broken n Evolved to where it is now

8 Scope n Goals, project team and resources agreed –3 to 4 staff Process owner/s Key stakeholder/s –Half a day –Outcomes: Goals Deadline Resourcing Who

9 Plan n Project Team reviews goals & agrees approach –Half a day –Outcomes: Goals finalised Data gathering and stakeholder consultation identified How long When Where

10 Train n All project team members, incl. those ‘on call’ –Half day (before Redesign) –Cover: History of Lean 2 Fundamentals, 5 Principles, 8 Wastes Some key Lean tools Successes What will happen during Redesign

11 Redesign Part 1 n Map how things are done at the moment –Paper, pens and post-its n Review data about the current process –Volumes, timings n Generate and analyse ideas about how things could be done –Pens and post-its –No conferring –Cluster –Analysis

12 Redesign Part 2 n Design a new process –Paper, pens and post-its –Ideal process –Interim process n Create an action plan to ensure the new process is put in place –Excel n Project team presents the new process –Co-workers –Management

13 Redesign Part 3 n Working with the right people, the right information and with the authority to act n Asking lots of questions - 5 Whys? n Two heads better than one n Having fun!



16 Implement n New process put in place –All or part may happen during Redesign –Ideally, the new world begins immediately –Actually, takes time: days, weeks or months –Perseverance

17 Review n Lean maintains a management role –Momentum stalls –Reverse gear n Progress is monitored –Regular meetings with Project Team 2 to 3 hours 2 weeks, then monthly until new processes proven –Maintain enthusiasm –Maintain momentum –Deal with issues immediately

18 Feedback n With Project Team n Project ‘signed off’ n How was it for you? –How can Lean improve? n Anything else we can do for you?

19 8 Step Process 1.Request 2.Scope 3.Plan 4.Train 5.Redesign 6.Implement 7.Review 8.Feedback

20 Challenges n Perceptions of Lean –Staff and management buy-in –Convincing academics –Link between Lean and staff and cost savings n Ownership/Direction –Ownership of cross-functional processes –Strategic alignment n Easy to get the benefits of some Lean tools, but it takes unshakeable management commitment and hard work over an extended time to start to become truly Lean

21 Successes Part 1 n 23 x 5, 9 x 4 and 15 x 3 day events n Better service to Students –Status Letters –Library Services –Society Formation –Self Certification of Absence n Simpler administration for staff –Gift processing –Finance processes e.g. Cash Handling Policy, AP, Sales Invoicing –Casual staff contracts –Estates job tracking

22 Successes Part 2 n Focus on improving Service Unit processes –Efficiency –Effectiveness n Embed Lean –Bringing staff closer together –Breaking down silos More time to do the important stuff

23 ‘He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils’ - Francis Bacon


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