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Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Possible EMMA upgrades Only few slides on behalf of all the possible EMMA upgrades so far – any more ideas are welcome ! Three kinds.

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1 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Possible EMMA upgrades Only few slides on behalf of all the possible EMMA upgrades so far – any more ideas are welcome ! Three kinds of upgrades –Immediate & short term (1-2 years) (ST) –Long term (2-5 years) (LT) –Very long term (5+ years) (VLT) Change footprint of EMMA or not ? → 6 upgrade types … Move EMMA ? Different injector for EMMA ? Bruno Muratori on behalf of all EMMA upgrade authors

2 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 More EMMA running time (ST) Everyone Made good progress, but still much to accomplish –Basics: tune/ToF vs. Energy, injection for all energies –Address machine errors –Serpentine acceleration, explore parameters –More advanced experiments Benefits are clear Cost is the cost of running ALICE as an injector –Have at least two years worth of experiments No additional requirements

3 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Inj. line additional diagnostics (ST) N. Bliss, C. Hill, C. Johnstone Emma - Module 30 - moving WCM and addition EBPM for injection line Benefits: Better injection into EMMA & can tell incoming angle precisely Cost & effort: £8500 + VAT & 0.12 sy Timescale: 3 months to build No additional requirements

4 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Extraction / diagnostic line (ST) B. Muratori, S. Jamison Addition of extra components to line: –Transverse deflecting cavity (~ £ 200k) –Collimators / EO (~ £ 20k) Benefits: Better diagnostic abilities, collimators important when beam off closed orbit Cost & effort: (~ £ 20k + £ 200k) & 0.2 + 1.5 sy Timescales: (5 + 12 months) No additional requirements

5 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Remote control room (ST) C. Johnstone, S. Smith Remote desktop connections so EMMA can be controlled from elsewhere Benefits: Great collaboration enterprise & makes EMMA better known & promotes expertise exchange Cost & effort: ? No additional requirements

6 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 BPM VME cards (ST) A. Kalinin Have all the originally designed BPMs Benefits: Fully instrumented machine –More information to diagnose error sources –Better understand actual lattice compared to model Cost & effort: –40 BPMs × £ 1.25k –Procurement: £ 50k + VAT –0.7 sy No additional requirements

7 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Inj. matching improvement (ST) I. Kirkman, S. Machida Add another BPM just before the septum. Redesign the last part of injection line for better optical matching. Benefits: Better injection matching (orbit and optics) into EMMA. Cost & effort: ? Timescale: ? No additional requirements

8 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Kicker upgrade (Zobel network) (ST) K. Marinov Keep existing kicker magnets, new PSUs needed only Performance similar to that of delay-line systems –Flat-top pulses (eliminates jitter problems) –Impedance matched system (magnet and PSU can be metres away from each other) Current rise & fall times: 133 ns demonstrated with 1.4 uH magnet inductance (PAC09); 50-60 ns could be possible with 0.475 uH (existing EMMA kickers) Feasibility study needed Cost & effort: much cheaper and easier to build than a delay-line kicker system; low risk No additional requirements

9 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Increase EMMA acceleration (ST/LT) P. McIntosh, S. Berg To increase the acceleration capability (a=1/6 to1/4) Needs extra CPI IOT & LLRF & waveguide Benefits: –Acceleration with non-ideal lattice –Had been originally requested & more investigations could be done with higher voltage Cost & effort: IOT £360k, LLRF £150k, Waveguide £20k, Integration and controls £50k, Procurement= £580k & 2 sy No additional requirements

10 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Inductive acceleration (LT/VLT) J. Clarke, J. Garland, N. Marks, H. Owen Construct & test inductive cavity first Use this on EMMA Benefits: –No need for synchronisation with bunch –Continuous injection possible (ADSRs) Cost & effort: £ 50k & 0.5 sy No additional requirement (for 1 st part, 2 nd ?)

11 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Dispersion free-region (ST) B. Muratori, E. Keil To create a small dispersion-free straight –Investigating use of multipoles to do this –Remove some cavities / other for space Benefits: –Show feasibility of dispersion-free (or minimum dispersion) straight –Half-way measure before proper insertion Cost & effort: Depends on extra components needed No additional requirement

12 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Insertion in EMMA (LT/VLT) S. Machida Create racetrack from EMMA with insertion straight. This is coupled with nonlinear magnets. Benefits: –makes injection / extraction easier –Continuous injection (ADSR) Cost & effort: £ 1M + EMMA move & ? Extra requirement: move EMMA from present location

13 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Vertical Excursion FFAG (LT/VLT) S. Brooks Split energy dependent orbits vertically rather than horizontally in EMMA Replace quadrupoles with new magnets Benefits: Reduction in magnet size for proton / carbon therapy (e.g.) Cost & effort: Procurement £ 1.63M & 9 sy No additional requirement

14 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Slow Acceleration (LT/VLT) S. Berg Requires low frequency cavities ~ 3 of them Cavities fit in usual EMMA cavity space Benefits: –Studies more common FFAG applications: proton driver, medical, ADSR –Study very different regime with minimal change –Cavities new & very good R & D project Cost & effort: £ 2-3M & 2sy + build No additional requirements

15 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Magnetic Spiral Inflector Inj. (VLT) S. Tzenov, J. Jones Use upside-down magnetic‘funnel’ to inject into EMMA to achieve continuous injection as in a cyclotron Requires theoretical study Benefits: –Continuous injection possible (ADSR) Cost & effort: £ 0 & 1sy initially to prove concept, later ? No additional requirements, later → move E.

16 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Addition of multipoles (ST) Everyone Add multipoles in EMMA ring Benefits: –Could do chromaticity correction & correct other unwanted nonlinearities and help insertion –Explore PAMELA-type machine –This is already a requirement for some of the proposals Cost & effort: depends on how many needed No additional requirements

17 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Moving EMMA Y. Saveliev, B. Muratori, others Move EMMA to SRS outer hall –Use thermionic gun (more reliable) or part of larger accelerator complex with RF gun (of which injection into EMMA is just one application) –Use linac to required injection energy Benefits: Some of the above proposals require such a move & many more possibilities open Cost: Big !

18 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 Conclusions

19 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11

20 Bruno Muratori FFAG’11 20 Dispersion free-region (ST) Reverse every other cell D = D’ = 0 @ 15 MeV Quad strength ~ same Not ok at all Energies Need to check May be done better Remove some cavities Introduce sextupoles … Only works at one energy Destroys other energies Sextupoles too strong ! No good at all ?

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