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Ann Oliver and Jerry Rice 29 th November 2010 Redundancy Support.

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1 Ann Oliver and Jerry Rice 29 th November 2010 Redundancy Support

2 Jobcentre Plus 2 Area Action Force To provide a localised and co-ordinated response to Redundancy Meet every 3 months or when large redundancies are likely Share early intelligence Work with wide range of partner organisations Members –Local Authorities –Jobcentre Plus –Business Link –Skills Funding Agency –Devon and Cornwall Business Council Ensure changes to the economic structure of the county are identified and understood

3 Jobcentre Plus 3 Jobcentre Plus has responsibility for delivering redundancy support to individual companies via the Rapid Response Service. Each JCP district in the UK has staff resource for this work. Service must be offered where 20 or more people are at risk. Presentations are given on –JCP services –Provision How to claim benefit Partner organisations may attend if large numbers are being made redundant Presentations can be arranged to suit the employer and can be delivered to large or small groups as required

4 Jobcentre Plus 4 Partner Organisations Next Step- Adult Careers Service Local Authority Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Citizen’s Advice Bureau Business Link- Self-employment Advice Local Training Providers

5 Jobcentre Plus 5 There are 4 types of redundancy 1.Large national organisations where there is plenty of notice given and there are national outlets through out the country. Leaderflush & Shapland 2.Large national organisation which has regional divisions through out the country but where there is no notice given due to an insolvency. Connaught 3.Small to medium size companies where there is at least 30 days notice. C2 Composites. 4.And finally, medium to small size companies where there is no notice due to insolvency. Micheal Thorne Construction

6 Jobcentre Plus 6 The process for getting support to staff who are at risk of redundancy. In all cases we try to make early contact with the company and in consultation with the employer, the unions and (if appropriate) the administrators, we agree a flexible package of support tailored to the need. For the National companies we work closely with Jobcentreplus colleagues at regional and national level to get an early steer on how the company want us to deliver the support and locally in Devon and Cornwall, we arrange a meeting with the AAF to discuss how we will delivery that support. For large numbers we usually suggest Open day events attended by JCP and all the partner organisations. This means the help, support and advice is available in one place on the same day. For smaller numbers the Jobcentre deliver the redundancy help sessions on their own, “signposting” where appropriate to the other organisations who can offer support.

7 Jobcentre Plus 7 Support and Training Funding is available to help people being made redundant improve their skills CV Writing Interview techniques IT skills Funding for some job related training

8 Jobcentre Plus 8 Our Contact Details Ann Oliver Jerry Rice

9 Jobcentre Plus 9 Any Questions?

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