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Assessment at Southampton

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1 Assessment at Southampton
Presentation of Gradebook and E-assignment Please use the dd month yyyy format for the date for example 11 January The main title can be one or two lines long. Liv Støbseth-Brown 03 August 2011

2 Assessment at Southampton
Introduction Enhanced Gradebook (EGB) Demonstration – Will Eagle E-assignment Demonstration – Peter Gibbs Use divider pages to break up your presentation into logical sections and to provide a visual break for the viewer. The title can be one or two lines long.


4 AAS - Governance

5 AAS : Faculty Representation on POB
Business and Law - Jenny Atkins, Tim Metcalf, Gill Sivyour, Engineering & Environment - Catherine Hann, Ian Williams Health Sciences -Claire Atkins, Rosalynd Jowett Humanities - Lynn Godfrey Medicine - Susan Ponsford, Sally Skidmore, Sally Rushworth Natural and Environmental - Jeremy Hinks, Mandy Pervin Physical & Applied Science - Andy Gravell, Dain Mead Social & Human - Aiden Gregg, Peter Smith Charts should range left and to the bottom of the page

6 Enhanced Gradebook provides features such as….
Anonymous marking Processes to support reassessment Audit of how composite marks and grades are calculated from components and subcomponents Customisable rules (e.g. when and for which population of students assessment and reassessment grades display on the web). Customisable web pages (e.g. layout changes, removal of unused fields) Enhanced INB form to allow administrative users to modify marks in Academic History A rollback from Academic History function

7 E-assignment

8 Proposed Institutional System

9 Features Multiple documents can be submitted
Documents types specified (Word, PDF, Excel, SPSS…….) Virus Checking Academic Integrity declaration and Checks (TurnitIn) Specify dates for: Start & End of submission period Extension Completion of Marking Release of Marks

10 Features continued Percentages or Graded Criteria (converted to percentages) Makers can upload documents for student Export of Marks and submitted work Roles: Administrator, Marker, Moderator, External Examiner Marking approaches: Single, Double, Blind, 1st marker then 2nd marker Notification of Penalties

11 Benefits For Students access to all assignment criteria and marking descriptors consistency of submission, marking and feedback, 24/7 For Markers access to assignments online (?no physical copies) very similar to peer reviewing For Quality Assurance transparency of assignment criteria and marking descriptors consistent process of marking & easy access for externals

12 Benefits For the Institution
Efficiency of administrative processes, faster turn rounds Harmonisation of assessment processes across the Institution Quality Enhancement Analysis of assessment at the criteria level Performance feedback to markers leading to improved marker commitment

13 Eassignment Links Humanities Student example

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