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An Environmentally Sustainable University. An impact has a strong affect on something, it can be positive or negative affect. Our environment is the conditions.

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1 An Environmentally Sustainable University

2 An impact has a strong affect on something, it can be positive or negative affect. Our environment is the conditions that surround us and for this presentation we can say: Environmental sustainability is best described as managing our impacts on the environment and leaving it in a suitable condition for future generations

3 Be realistic

4 But…… ………………………do not rule anyone out as an aid to environmental sustainability, we all have an impact at work which can affect the environment, we can all make more informed choices

5 Environmental impacts are inevitable Travel to work Work Travel for work Generate waste Travel to home

6 But some of them Can be reduced to a level as low as possible

7 Our environmental impacts Where our impacts originate from Procurement Energy Travel Waste Water

8 Carbon dioxide emissions All of these areas can be best summarised as an impact on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions which accelerate climate change

9 An Environmentally Sustainable University If we are to minimise affects on the environment and be a environmentally sustainable university we have to consider each area in turn and make the right choices for the environment, whilst training and making all staff and students aware of both their work and home life approaches to the environment

10 Energy HEFCE - A sector-level target in line with the Climate Change Act of 34% reduction by 2020 and 80% reduction by 2050 against a 1990 baseline. Reality for Northumbria due to expansion of the estate is 55% CO 2 emissions reduction on 2009/2010 baseline or 10,850 tonnes by 2020 Future capital funding will be focussed on how well we achieve this

11 An Environmentally Sustainable University Recognised staff engagement – part of Green Impact Mirror health and safety management model HSG 65

12 An Environmentally Sustainable University

13 We have to embed environmental sustainability into out activities and be prepared to take this further to make it an everyday choice ‘Take only what you require’ ‘Make do and mend’

14 An Environmentally Sustainable University

15 35 universities and colleges took part in 2010/11 621 teams- 35,467 staff, 3,985 people directly involved in a Green Impact committee 19,620 greening actions were completed! 495 student and staff auditors trained

16 An Environmentally Sustainable University



19 Can this be sustained?

20 A plan to reduce carbon £7.5 million to reach a 32.5% reduction in CO 2 emissions based on 2005 baseline year by 2020 (from energy) In other words to be 32.5% lower than what we were in 2005, which is a 55% cut on last year’s emissions by 2020 (from energy)

21 Carbon Management Very important to realise that the plan will continually change to show all carbon emissions and we have prepared the way for this to happen by measuring scope 3 emissions

22 Carbon Management What are scope 3 emissions? All other indirect emissions so carbon associated with goods we buy, their production and transportation in other words our full boundary carbon footprint

23 Carbon Management Some examples include: Staff driving own cars for work 371,452 kms Hire cars and taxis 408,694 kms Rail 1,961,556 kms Air 13,440,000 kms Procurement £73,000,000 (construction high cost)

24 Carbon Management How does this all breakdown? Electricity 15,393 tonnes CO 2 Gas 7,149 tonnes CO 2 Business Travel 2,654 tonnes CO 2 Commuting 22,710 tonnes CO 2 Procurement 49,179 tonnes CO 2

25 Carbon Management We have to set a reduction target for scope 3 emissions by December 2013 To be an environmentally sustainable university we must measure and then manage Every choice you make at work can have an environmental benefit, we need to better understand what we are buying and train our staff

26 Here’s an impact on our environment

27 Here’s a more true picture

28 Progress Voltage Optimisation This initiative predicted CO 2 reductions of 1,150 tonnes. Of the 10 unit installations 2 are fully operational and the remaining 8 units are being re-commissioned to ensure they are working to full functionality. Glenamara Halls unit13.9% reduction in energy annual comparison Coach Lane Campus unit10.9% reduction in energy annual comparison Predicted annual CO 2 reductions from current units 117 tonnes, from all units 1,105 tonnes by 2015

29 Progress Carbon Savings CHP unit in Sport Central to date 429 tonnes Generates electricity by burning gas and the heat generated during this process heats the swimming pool

30 Progress Electrical sub metering is 60% complete, 100% completion by 2012/13 academic year Reduction of onsite server and storage to reduce consumption throughout 2011/12 Automatic switching of users to a selected server to allow shut down of further servers to reduce consumption throughout 2011/12 Switched laptop procurement to a carbon neutral scheme in 2011 Implementation of remote auto shutdown of left on staff PCs 2011 Instigated the procurement of LED screens over LCD to reduce energy consumption in 2011/12

31 Progress Single occupancy car use 39.9% Now it is 31.7% Cycling 2.9% Now it is 5.8%, near to 8% Recycling was offered for paper only in three buildings Now plastic, metal, paper and cardboard can be recycled from all buildings

32 An Environmentally Sustainable University Produce an environmental impact assessment questionnaire for suppliers to complete, further than the PQQ’s. We can show our suppliers how serious we are about becoming a sustainable university. Procure less and more sustainably potential is very high to cut a significant level of carbon emissions

33 An Environmentally Sustainable University We must reduce lifecycle impacts of our operations, from paperclips to potatoes from cooking to communicating These are the steps on the road to a sustainable university, including this font

34 Carbon Management

35 Commencing September 2011 to July 2015 Boiler replacement Lighting recomissioning VSD on all pumps without them Reduce chiller use Small scale CHP units Increase occupancy detection for AHU BMS improvements

36 Carbon Management Staff and student engagement local carbon management >1,000 tonnes CO 2 reductions Green Impact and local Sustainability Management Groups play a key role in this We have established 9 groups and have 29 staff working on Green Impact

37 Carbon Management Phase 2 commences Thinking big: Tri-generation and biomass CHP systems possibly through city-wide district heating.

38 Carbon Management Tri-generation works by creating heat, cooling and power without the usual losses associated with typical energy generation, they can supply multiple businesses in a district system, possible the Civic Centre and the University. To make the very large carbon tonne reductions we need to eliminate the usual losses of traditional power, it has to be more than using less energy from the grid, particularly given expansion. Major undertaking with many constraints

39 Carbon Management Replace all lighting Double glaze all buildings PV on all suitable buildings Heat reclaim on waste heat 5,000 tonnes (from energy)

40 Carbon Management

41 An Environmentally Sustainable University A sustainable university teaches sustainability Almost all Schools engage to some degree sustainability for teaching, what we need is education for sustainable development across all possible courses

42 An Environmentally Sustainable University It is challenging It needs everybody to play a part It takes time It is underway It is very worthwhile In the coming years environmental sustainability is going to become increasingly under the spotlight, a University that does not reduce its carbon will stand out from the (currently small) crowd that does

43 An Environmentally Sustainable University MUST minimise carbon emissions Look at genuine offsets for our carbon emissions Avoid any waste, in all senses of the word Reduce lifecycle impacts of our operations Train and support staff and students Extend to all areas of life

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