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Supporting NQTs UCET Secondary Meeting June 17 th 2014 The provision of support for NQTs and the linking of ITE and induction Alison Winson.

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1 Supporting NQTs UCET Secondary Meeting June 17 th 2014 The provision of support for NQTs and the linking of ITE and induction Alison Winson

2 What we do before trainees leave? Make sure they have completed a ‘NQT destination’ form (inc. name of their induction tutor) Talk to them about the induction year – rights and responsibilities Complete a UW CEDP – we keep a copy Explain about inspection in school and the links to our inspection Explain how we are keeping in touch and how important it is to keep in touch Explain that we will be contacting them & their induction tutors Talk to them about the support that will be available, from UW, in their NQT year Alert them to the website Share resources - books etc Graduation and alumni

3 What have we put in place? New role ‘NQT Coordinator’ Administrative support Clear development plan A speadsheet to track our NQTs – keep a record of comments from NQTs and induction tutors. Also section 5 inspection grades if these are shared.

4 How are we communicating? Emailed letter to all induction tutors at the start of the year Term 1 and 2 email to NQTs and induction tutors asking for an update Subject tutors keeping in touch with NQTs through email and social media Email to all induction tutors at end of the year Email to NQTs at end of year for feedback Website pages for NQTs

5 Where are our NQTs? Each year approx 40% of NQTs gain jobs in partnership schools Approx 60% remain in the West Midlands

6 The web pages Message from the Head of Institute Facilities to access How subject tutors are keeping in touch Employer perspectives Google destination map Video clips of NQTs talking about their experiences Information about Master’s Events

7 Programme of Events November – Transitions from trainee to teacher – Reflections on the first half term – Time management – Behaviour and inclusion February – Curriculum Development & Inspirational teaching & learning strategies April – Assessment and report writing June – Leadership and Management



10 Involving NQTs (and RQTs) in the course planning and management NQTs (and RQTs) are members of the Course Management Committee NQTs (and RQTs) invited to the Subject Coordinating groups NQTs are invited to present to trainees NQTs involved in the External Examiner programme NQTs involved in the Periodic Review Many former trainees are now subject mentors Built up case studies on our website of the progression of former trainees Filming of NQTs

11 Problems we have encountered Difficulty contacting both NQTs and induction tutors More difficult with those schools that are not partnership schools Sharing of information sometimes difficult – data protection Not wanting to keep in touch Poor attendance at evening events

12 The Inspection Interviews with individual and/or groups of former- trainees Observed teaching of NQTs (4) and gave feedback Tracking progress of all NQTs using TRNs – data not shared openly Commented on NQT teaching in the report Commented on the discussions they had with NQTs No reference to the work we are doing with NQTs to monitor and support

13 The Future? Send the CEDP information to schools? NQT conference Linking with the local TeachMeet? Offering a support package to schools? Contacting schools after their inspections to gather data Project with clusters of NQTs? Section 5 inspections will focus on NQT support from September 2015 Chartered Teacher Status? Putting pressure on OfSTED to share the section 5 data under the freedom of information act.

14 Books How to survive your NQT year (Cowley 2003) The Newly Qualified Teacher’s Handbook (Holmes 2009) Lush, V. (2009) Get Ready to teach: a guide for the newly qualified teacher Cheminais, R. (2010 SEN for newly qualified teachers... Holmes, E. (2006) FAQs for NATs Roffey, S. (2011) The new teacher's survival guide to behaviour Bubb, S. (2010) The insider's guide for new teachers: succeed in training and induction - 371.1/BUB Wright, T. (2008) How to be a brilliant trainee teacher Bennett, H. (2009) The trainee teacher's survival guide

15 Articles Journal of Education for Teaching: International research and pedagogy Volume 39Volume 39, Issue 1, 2013Issue 1 Special Issue: Masterliness in the teaching profession: global issues and local developments Elika Yaffe (2010) The reflective beginner: using theory and practice to facilitate reflection among newly qualified teachers, Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 11:3, 381-391, DOI: 10.1080/14623943.2010.490070 Stephanie Kurtts (2011) Successful induction for new teachers: a guide for NQTs & induction tutors, coordinators, and mentors, Teacher Development: An international journal of teachers' professional development, 15:1, 123-124, DOI: 10.1080/13664530.2011.555230 To link to this article: James Broad (2010) The insider’s guide for new teachers: succeed in training and induction, European Journal of Teacher Education, 33:4, 447-448, DOI: 10.1080/02619768.2010.506212 To link to this article:

16 Preparation for the NQT year A Guide to New Induction Rules (James Williams) Provides a useful summary rules/46335#closeframe Induction for newly qualified teachers (England) Full details of the induction process new-induction-rules/46335#closeframe

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