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Intellectually stimulating and engaging teaching..

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1 Intellectually stimulating and engaging teaching.

2 What makes the teaching on your course worth turning up to?

3 Activity: Imagine...a student from your course and a Warwick University student on the bus home Imagine...a two minute conversation about the teaching on your course

4 What were the key themes in the conversations?

5 Questions from the CQEM report Where do you want to be?


7 Teaching that fosters curiosity and a willingness to step out side the comfort zone Safety to make mistakes Students can be brave Open questions Rich questions “problem based”“real life” “linked to relevant scenarios” Challenging teaching is one that students take responsibility for their own learning Become perceptive about their learning needs and fosters their confidence in being self directive Self efficacy Confidence Varied!

8 Intellectually stimulating and challenging teaching is likely to be....? Scenario-based learning using real examples Inquiry based learning Problem-based learning Activity-led learning Case-based learning Research projects But..Lectures are a can you enhance the earning experience

9 So what does this mean in the context of your course?

10 Your course vision for teaching and learning Develop a statement for your course team for where you would like teaching and learning to be for your course team.

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