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Student Engagement in Science and Engineering Paul Chin.

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1 Student Engagement in Science and Engineering Paul Chin

2 Overview ■ WebPA – assessment ■ Other examples of student engagement

3 WebPA ■ Peer assessment administration tool ■ Allows full flexibility for group work ■ Can alter scoring rates (e.g. 0% or 100%) ■ Very easy to use ■ Web based interface ■ Online demo available to try WebPA ■

4 WebPA interface

5 Biology (n=125 / c.160) Chemistry (n=54/ c.100) FS (n=16/ 34) Have you ever been asked to give other students a mark for their work? This is sometimes called 'peer assessment' Yes79.2%74.1%87.2% No19.2%20.4%12.5% Not sure 1.6%5.6%0% Did you enjoy working face to face in groups with other students? Yes33.9%37.5%75% No33.9%43.8%25% Not sure 32.1%18.8%0% Prior experience of peer assessment

6 Post experience of peer assessment How satisfied were you with the peer assessment process for this assignment? Biology (n=92) Chemistry (n=25) FS (n=14) Extremely satisfied 9.4%0%21.4% Satisfied 45.3%41.7%50% Acceptable 39.1%50%28.6% Dissatisfied 5.5%8.3%0% Extremely dissatisfied 0.8%0%

7 Post-experience of peer assessment Was the marking scheme easy to understand?BiologyChemistryFS Yes90.6%83.3%78.6% No3.1%0%21.4% Not sure6.2%16.7%0% Was the marking scheme fair? BiologyChemistryFS Yes90.6%70.8%71.4% No3.1%8.3%0% Not sure6.2%20.8%28.6%

8 What did you enjoy about the peer assessment process? ■ “Giving the others exectly what they deserved based on what they did.” ■ “being able to annonymously comment on the work that others performed.” ■ “having a say in the marks” ■ “Interesting insight on your own and others work. Learn from others mistakes.”

9 Other student engagement opportunities ■ Student focus groups (training student reps?) ■ Subject Reviews ■ Audit tools (e.g. Assessment, employability...) ■ Mobile technologies

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