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WP9:Dissemination Strong publication record Modest media exposure Invited talks to specialist audiences Low key Web presence Aim to ramp up by end of year.

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1 WP9:Dissemination Strong publication record Modest media exposure Invited talks to specialist audiences Low key Web presence Aim to ramp up by end of year 2

2 Publications 22 papers (6 journal, 17 conference, 9 workshop) Some in the top rank (one at AAMAS, two at IJCAI, stop press…WWW07) Rejections occurred when we tried to base papers on general idea (“vision fatigue”). Strongly technical papers were effective. Lots of papers were integrative.

3 Deliverables as Publications 1.1 Interaction model languageAgent Organizations 1.2 Interaction protocolAdvances in Web Semantics 2.1a/b Functionality/ArchitectureWeb Engineering (submitted) 2.2 Semantic routerCOPS 3.1 Comparison of mapping techniquesData Semantics 3.2 Specification of ontology frameworkIJSWIS 4.1 Ontology translation frameworkWWW, ISWC, Data Semantics 4.4 Methodology for quality measuresAAAI (submitted) 4.7 Model for trust and reputation 5.1 Interaction markup language 6.1 Bioinformatics scenariosGrid Computing in Computational Biology 6.5 Emergency response scenariosIEEE Intelligent Systems 7.1 Test rigIJCAI, ISWC Uncertainty Reasoning

4 Related Projects Being Proposed TRAP (Trust, Rationality and Adversarial Planning) Barcelona-Edinburgh KCDE (Managing the Scientific Knowledge Lifecycle) Barcelona-Trento Cancer Research UK involvement Autonomous Systems IRC (UK consortium) Biomedical projects being drafted in China

5 Web Presence Currently is simply “holding point” for public documents (Wiki provides a window on current work). In coming year will be the route into: –OpenKnowledge kernel –Interaction models –Tutorial material –Test results Wiki will also get more use in coming year

6 WP10:Management Ahead on kernel integration (testbed integration next) Lower than average cost+effort this year (expected) High proportion of inter-site research Already substantial assets to manage Maturing is the big challenge for next year

7 Inter-site Integration Kernel programmers group (all sites) LCC tutorial Bi-lateral visits Co-authored papers in WPs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Skype Sessions Wiki

8 External Advisors Jim Hendler Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Director Yahoo non-US research labs) Juan Pablo Albar (director of ProteoRed) Alistair Duke (BT)

9 4.4 (GEA methodology) Dave R Carles Marta TrentoSouthampton routing LCC o mapping visual OK kernel Amsterdam RonnyPaolo Mikalai Dave D Bioinf services Xueping e-Resp services Lorenzo Guide Testing Adrian Lucia 9.1 (Manual) 7.1 (Test rig) Nardine 6.6 (Service cluster) 6.2 (Service cluster) 5.1 (Markup lang) D2.2 (Router) Spyros 1.2 (Interaction protocol) Maurizio 4.7 (Trust model) Fausto Paul 8.1 (SW browser) 8.1 (QA system) KMI Marco 3.3/4/5 (Composite mapping) EdinburghBarcelona Madalina Bo Sindhu Uladzimir Antonis Fiona Pablo Juan Antonio Jordi Pavel Vanessa Annette Frank Sri NigelTim Joaquin Jaume Dietlind Siu-wai Alan Austin Liang Lorenzo Enrico Project Map

10 Distribution of Cost and Effort Overall, ¼ budget and ¼ effort used (similar across sites). Across workpackages: –WP1 Interaction modelling: Less than expected (allocate to kernel). –WP2 Semantic routing: Pro rata to time. –WP3 Dynamic ontology mapping: Higher spend but foundational for WP4. –WP4 Semantic quality of service: Effort borrowed from here for kernel. –WP5 Markup and multimedia:Clever solution saved time, but markup work ahead. –WP6 Testbeds: Right proportion but potential sink of effort. –WP7 Empirical studies: Much work done off-budget. –WP8 User-centred applications: Pro rata to time. –WP9 Dissemination: Starts now.

11 Milestones M1.1 : Interaction protocol running on examples from WP6 (month 12) Reached for bio, soon for e-response M1.2 : Paper on interaction language and architecture (month 18) Reached M2.1 : Example, using simulator, of semantic routing applied to bioinformatics scenarios of D6.1 (month 12) Will reach by month 18 M3.1 : Example of ontology mapping applied to testbed scenarios of WP6 (month 12) Reached partially (but will develop further) M4.1 : Example of semantic quality of service components applied to the two testbeds in WP6 (month 12) Will reach by month 18 M6.1 : Repository of twenty significantly complex, representative, bioinformatics scenarios in sub-domains of the testbed areas (month 6) Reached M6.2 : Working bioinformatics and emergency interaction models (month 12) Reached M7.1 : Test rig operational (month 12) Reached M9.1 : Project-specific service area on-line (month 12) Reached (but will develop further)

12 Timing T1.1 Definition of interaction model language T1.2 Basic peer-to-peer coordination protocol T1.3 Development of plug-in components T1.4 Plug-in integration T2.1 Interface to semantic routing algorithm T2.2 Design semantic routing algorithm T2.3 Build interaction model router T2.4 Build semantic discovery component T3.1 Definition of ontological framework T3.2 Benchmark ontology mappings T3.3 Build ontology mapping engine T4.1 Query-answering processing T4.2 Good enough answers T4.3 Trust and reputation T5.1 Define visualisation markup language T5.2 Build visualisation markup tools T6.1 Identifying bioinformatics domains T6.2 Build bioinformatics interaction models T6.3 Develop bioinformatics case studies T6.4 Identifying e-rescue domains T6.5 Build e-rescue interaction models T6.6 Develop e-rescue case studies T7.1 Build a test rig T7.2 Empirical testing of components T7.3 Engineering case studies T8.1 Semantic browsing T8.2 Ontology based query answering T9.1 Generic service area T9.2 Bioinformatics service area T9.3 E-Rescue service area 061218243036 1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2 4.1 4.2 5.1 6.16.2 6.3 7.1 7.2 8.1 8.2 9.1 9.2 Ahead (integrated with kernel) Theory ahead (evaluation next) On schedule (early days) On schedule (integration next) Starting now 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12

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