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‘Learning by doing… By Katerina Pateraki

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1 ‘Learning by doing… By Katerina Pateraki

2 Going beyond oneself… to simply respond!

3 Prototype for a Peace Pavilion project A Humanitarian Engineering (HE) project; Can be used in places of conflict in remote areas; Symbolic space for peace & reconciliation;

4 Laying the foundations…

5 The Earth group (i) Rammed earth ½ worlds population earth dwellings Material found on site representative of the subject of dispute

6 The Earth group (ii)

7 The Earth group (iii)

8 The Roof group (i)

9 The Roof group (ii)

10 The Chair group (i)

11 The Chair group (ii)

12 The Peace Pavilion was built!

13 Working in partnership with students; Build confidence; Interdisciplinary skills Bringing reality closer; Evidence for students portfolio

14 Challenges


16 Students quotes (i) ‘As a mathematician… this project has allowed me to broaden my thinking patterns which will help me in the future should engineering be a path I take’. ‘If I were to lead a similar task I would certainly spend more time at the beginning assessing the task, the skills and understanding of the group…from the start.’

17 Students quotes (ii) ‘I feel there has been an additional contribution to understanding how any resource in the world can be utilised to a greater benefit if you explore and discuss the way to utilise it with those around you.’

18 Students quotes (iii) ‘As E.F Schumacher said: Any intelligent fool can invent further complications, but it takes a genius to retain, or recapture, simplicity - small is beautiful A building that is placed in war stricken countries will find it difficult to keep both sides happy, but I believe the simplicity of the project is its greatest strength.’

19 Theoretical relationship Detail in structure Freedom of movement Exchange of energy Use of materials Detail in body shape Freedom of mind to Exchange of energy Use of empty hand Building Discipline Martial Arts

20 ‘Learning by doing… works & can be fun!' Thank you

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