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Student IT Induction Friday 9 th October Dominic Bown Andrew Roberts.

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1 Student IT Induction Friday 9 th October Dominic Bown Andrew Roberts

2 Welcome Help in College is provided by the IT Department, made up of the IT Manager, Dominic Bown, and the IT Officer Andrew Roberts who can be contacted in person (Ground floor Lankester Building), by e-mail or phone (01865 284796) during office hours. Out of office hours they are assisted by the Computer Scholar who can help you with all your personal computer issues. Phone no. available from lodge. Interviews for this post will commence early in Michaelmas Term.

3 University Card Oxford University identity card Sign the back NOW Carry it with you at all times Used to access all OUCS Services, libraries, departments, College facilities If lost report immediately to College Office/Porters/College IT Dept/Library

4 Email accounts Who has not activated their GTC Nexus email account? You should have already received a letter from Computing services sent either to your home, or to the College or to your department providing you with your Oxford Username / SSO and an activation code for this account. It is essential that you activate this account. The activation code is valid for 30 days. This account becomes functional ie. Email is activated, access to online resources is enabled once you have signed your contract. To activate your account you need this code and your university card, and need to go to : and select option A – activate a new account. If the 30 day activation code expires, you can ask Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) to un-expire it for you. Contact them at or on 01865 (2)73200.

5 Email accounts This Oxford username also provides access to your personal webspace and to Weblearn. Weblearn is the University online course information, that may be used by some of your departments. In most cases, you will only have one email account held centrally on the Herald email system. This one account will receive mail sent to both : If your department hosts their own email system (inc SBS, Medics), they will provide you with details for accessing your email account. This single email account should receive email sent to both addresses.

6 Email accounts If you do have two email accounts, it is very easy (and recommended) to have all mail routed to just one email account so you do not have to check in two places. Simply send an email request to to route all mail sent to your Green Templeton email address to your departmental address. Provide both email addresses, and both userIDs (do not send passwords!) It is essential that once you email is set up, that you test your Green Templeton College email address to ensure you are receiving mail to it. Send yourself a test email to and ensure you receive Your Battels bills, and most College information is distributed to your Green Templeton College email address, so it must be active and regularly checked.

7 Demonstration Nexus (Status page, spam filters, vacation) Webauth Demo reset password pages OUCS email pages - University contact search pages :

8 Registration To gain access to OUCS remote access services, TSM backup services and software, you simply need to go to and login with your email / SSO details. Demo + software download pages + remote access account Library electronic resources – new system. Can all be done via oxlip+, even remote access handled using SSO

9 VPN Remote access to the university network + Wireless Useful for online library access granted only to the university network. From the registration pages you can setup a password, and download the VPN client software.

10 Personal computers on the College network Support with personal Computers This is provided on a goodwill basis where time allows, and at your own risk. Very limited support can be offered for laptop hardware. There is fast Ethernet network access from all Green Templeton College accommodation, the library and the computer room. Applications for access to the IT Department It is an essential condition of being connected to the College network that you have up-to-date antivirus software, a firewall and the latest windows security patches, and that you run regular virus checks.

11 Sophos Anti-virus Sophos Anti-virus is provided free to all students. Instructions for installing this can be found at information/obtaining-antivirus-software.html information/obtaining-antivirus-software.html which can be installed immediately on connection to the network. Virus infected machines will be blocked from network access by OUCS, and have to be checked by the IT Manager before access can resume. Please try and keep you machines virus free.

12 Windows Update / Mac update Windows updates must be run immediately on first connection to the College network Internet Explorer, click the ‘Tools’ menu, and select ‘Windows Update’ and follow the prompts). Having up-to-date security patches is at least as important as updated antivirus software. Apple Mac users are also recommended to run regular software updates. This is done in ‘System Preferences’ by using the ‘Software Update’ feature for Mac OSX. Unlicensed copies of Windows XP won’t be able to use windows update to get security updates, and SP2 may fail to install. Please purchase a licensed copy, or perform the online upgrade so that your machine can be fully patched. There is limited support available for unpatched machines. If you are confident your version is legal, but won’t update, contact the IT Department.

13 Network Security Windows users are strongly recommended to read and implement the security advice found at : information/network-security.html The university network is very fast, and fairly open, so viruses or malware in circulation will quickly reach your machine. Some initial time spent on securing your machine may save many hours of recovery work later. If you have trouble with any of the above procedures, you are welcome to book a time in with IT Support to help gain access to the College network.

14 Network cable You will need a network cable to connect to the College network. Note. These are different to the cables used by a modem that plug into a phone socket. These are available to buy from IT Support or the OUCS shop for a few pounds.

15 Hardware repairs John Mason at OUCS 73243 can be contacted for requests for hardware support. This is a charged OUCS laptop insurance. – strongly recommended for laptop users. £28 for approved laptop makes – provides hardware repairs / replacements. Strongly recommended for laptops out of warranty.

16 Wireless Wireless network access is available either from the College Library or the College bar, and covers some of the surrounding area. This shows up as OWL-VPN on your wireless connections. To access the network from here, you’ll need to setup the VPN software as discussed earlier

17 Where to get software OUCS online shop Student options website for MS Office SPSS is free, media available from IT Manager Windows users should own a LEGAL copy. You can upgrade your version to a fully licensed version online from the windows update website – Price was $99

18 Skype Skype can be used on the University Network subject to the setup instructions to be found at:

19 Banned software Most peer to peer software is banned unless otherwise advised, which describes most file sharing software. Obviously illegal music / video sharing software is banned. The University is quite vulnerable to legal notices being served due to the activities of its students, more so than most internet providers. Examples include: eDonkey, Kazaa, Audio Galaxy, Freenet, Gnutella, LimeWire, Morpheus, Napster, Bittorrent and Toadnode.

20 Banned software University network security / bandwidth issues. - General ban on peer to peer software. People found using such software will be blocked from the University network. Breach of copyright. - Many of these programs are designed to easily download and distribute illegal copies of music, video and other data. The act of downloading it is illegal, Being connected to some of these peer to peer networks means you are also acting as a node to distribute media without a licence. This is increasingly being monitored by agents acting on behalf of media companies. There have been several cases last year of legal copyright infringement notices served on the University due to the activities of Green Tempeton students. Current policy is at minimum the loss of internet access until the matter is resolved, and a fine. Such infringements may result in disciplinary action. More details can be found at :

21 Banned Software Increasingly, legal sources are using peer-to-peer netwroking tools to distribute films and other media. Although this is legal, it is still banned by university regulations due to bandwidth issues. This includes: Kontiki peer-to-peer service ("Kontiki") - which will affect the following programmes (including but not limited to) BBC iMP and iPlayer, 4 on Demand, Sky by broadband Kontiki Delivery Manager, Cinequest Delivery Manager, AOL Hi-Q Delivery Manager, Palm Support, and the Open Media Network.

22 Personal Wireless access points Banned IT will do regular sweeps, if discovered : Confiscated Persistent offenders will lose internet access

23 Backup your data! General warning USB memory sticks, email, external hard disks TSM backup software This is the university backup system, and can be used to back up your personal machines. Setup is somewhat complicated, and your computer will need to be registered specifically with me. Your machine must also be online at the scheduled time for your backup. Useful for large scale backups. Green remote fileserver  Covered later

24 Access to the College computer room - AR 11 networked PCs, two printers that print both double sided and single sided, a scanner, and a number of CD writers and a DVD writer as well as providing Internet access. Office applications and a range of other software. 24 hours access. UserID and password in your introductory pack. Otherwise contact the IT Department who will set up an account for you. This account is completely different to any other accounts, and is used exclusively for access to the Green Templeton College computers. The code for the door is available from the lodge, as is your College barrier key which are both required for access. GTC DOMAIN

25 Green Templeton College IT Policies Green Templeton College IT policies governing key aspects of IT usage for the College network and facilities. policies.html policies.html

26 Printing and CDRW Printing is free, but you must provide your own paper. Both printers can print both single and double sided, but one is set to single, the other to double by default. User guide on the website. The lodge have paper for sale Floppy disks / Recordable CDs from lodge. The lodge can sell floppy disks and recordable CDs when available. Guides to using the CD Rewriters (available on every machine), and the DVD Rewriters (available on most machines) can be found by opening 'My Computer', and opening the Y: drive, which maps to 'Network Documents'. Demo this

27 User space on the College filestore The computer room provides access to a filestore, for saving work on the College servers. This filestore is personal and secure, and is backed up to tape on a regular basis. Your can save your files either in 'My Documents', on the 'Desktop' or if you open 'My Computer' there is a drive mapped as S:. The ‘My Documents’ and ‘Desktop’ folders within S: are the same as those you see on your desktop, so do not delete these folders! Students have a server disk allocation of 500MB. Please only use this for work files, try not to fill the server up with your music collection etc. This server is backed up to tape on a regular basis, so I recommend keeping a fairly recent copy of important work you can't afford to lose on the College server. If you need more space, please contact me to arrange this.

28 Password policy Passwords expire annually, and need to be 6 characters or more. You will be prompted to change your password once it has expired. Please do so immediately.

29 Remote file access You can access files and folders stored on the College server from over the web. This will make backing up key files much easier. To access your filestore remotely, visit: access.html access.html Demo

30 Software available SPSS – Free, installed by IT Other software purchased online from OUCS shop

31 Libraries online OLIS  Green College 

32 OUCS Oxford University Computing Services 13 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 6NN Tel : 01865 (2)73200 Email : OUCS is the University computer service and can be found at 13 Banbury Road, which is handily located near the college and provides you with your e-mail address and web space. They also provide a computing shop, run a range of computing courses, provide printing up to A0 and help with any computing issues.


34 Personal Web Space Each user has 15MB of web space Must be activated through Access using Oxford username and password Use SCP, FTP or connect drive to place files on web space Need to use “makeweblinks” command on linux server for SCP connection Details on OUCS web site May not be used for commercial purposes or to bring the University into disrepute

35 OUCS Helpcentre Services Bring your University Card  No card = No access Computers – Mac and PC  Lots of applications including office, web, email etc.  Need an Helpcentre account (self-register from anywhere) B&W and Colour Printing (using prepayment card) Photocopying, scanning including 35mm slides Self-teach materials, including for ECDL CD-Writing ZIP drives, USB stick drive support Video editing PC consultancy appointments  Only after initial consultation with helpdesk

36 IT Training Programme Many courses available – mostly free! 1 hour, half-a-day, to three full days All levels European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Office applications, e-mail, publishing (including Web), research skills, programming,and much more! Online booking system (OUCS Web Site)(OUCS Web Site)

37 Other Resources  OUCS Shop – Bring your University Card!  Software  Hardware – printers, PC & Mac desktop & laptop, hardware support  Video editing, scanning  Ethernet cards and cables via vending machine  Documentation for courses and manuals  Cash, cheque or VISA (2% charge on credit cards)

38 Further useful details  http://            

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