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Customer UH Briefing for UC&R conference 27 th March 2006 Neil Allen, Assistant Director, Learning & Information Services.

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1 Customer support @ UH Briefing for UC&R conference 27 th March 2006 Neil Allen, Assistant Director, Learning & Information Services

2 Presentation outline Overview of LIS Developing the self-service culture Supporting independent learning Future challenges Questions

3 Overview of LIS What is LIS? What do we do? How do we deliver services?

4  StudyNet  Learning Resources Centres  Email service  Computing network infrastructure  Central computing systems  Software applications  Information resources / library collections  Careers Service  Media facilities and services  Copyright & licence agreements  Expert advice and skills sessions LIS is responsible for

5 LIS@UH  I ntegrated academic support  24/7, on and off campus  StudyNet  3 LRC’s with attractive, modern study environments  Large scale use of computing technology  Extensive digital & print collections  Self-help, self-service culture

6 140 fte staff 2,900 study places in LRCs 4,200 computer workstations (1500 in LRCs, 1000 in labs, 1700 staff) 500,000 volumes in printed book collections 12,000 serials titles (4000 print, 9000 digital) 130+ software applications 80+ servers Large systems – StudyNet, Voyager, Email, etc A few key statistics - assets

7 Extensive complex network infrastructure - 100 patch rooms, 400 network hardware switches & routers,10,000 network access points - 155Mb JANET connection - links to/from 4 Associate Colleges 2,600 residential rooms wired for data Media presentation facilities in over 160 teaching rooms 2 video studios, 2 video conference suites

8 Users entering LRCs2 million visits StudyNet4.5 million logins LRC workstations1.5 million logins Email 36 million messages Printing & copying6.8 million pages Book issues/renewals1.6 million loans Inter-library loans19,000 Personal account sets30,000 (computing, email, printing, lending, StudyNet) Careers interviews1400 A few key statistics – usage (per year)

9 Developing the self service culture Why do we promote self- help? Increasing numbers of users, fixed numbers of staff 24/7, e-delivery of learning resources, on and off- campus access to services

10 Development of our customers & embedding Self Help : 3 steps to help 1.Help yourself + Getting Started + Self-help guides + Guided Help + Self-service 2.Visit the Helpdesk / ring the Helpline 3.Ask a specialist + Skills development programme

11 Development of Help Desk Information Officers On-going programmes of LIS, UH and external training Recruitment of colleagues with customer skills Updating by Consultants on subject resources Involvement of Help Desk team in supporting induction & skills training Pro-active sharing of knowledge within teams

12 Supporting independent learning

13 Diverse study environments

14 Partnership with faculties Customer service focus Faculty Information Consultants Strategy ‘champions’ Representation on committees Programme development Staff development

15 Integrated student desktop

16 StudyNet, launched 2001/02 4000 course modules 25,000 personal portals 4.5 million logins pa Learning & teaching Communication Graduate skills Disability support needs Information resources Stimulus for innovation

17 Further supported by:  Wireless networks  Self-service book issue & return  Embedding information resources in StudyNet

18 Future challenges? From our customers From UH / Higher Education National agenda / global market

19 Student expectations …. Academic success Rewarding holistic experience Status & reputation Employment Excellent resources & support Quick & easy access Any time, any place With good social life Value for money More next year

20 Student expectations …. High usage levels High satisfaction rates But – Increased expectations ‘this is normal, give us more’ latest technology faster response personalised services

21 Impact: teaching & learning  Partnership between LIS & faculties  Faculty working with students in LRC’s  Compatibility of provision with faculties  Coursework changes  Success of StudyNet  Stimulus for innovation

22 Evaluation and accountability Student views, SFQ, UHSU, etc Programme committees, AMERs, etc UH service standards & performance reports External quality assessment eg QAA, Ofsted Professional bodies eg Law Society Comparative national data eg SCONUL & UCISA annual statistical returns

23 The University & its reputation  Senior management commitment  Substantial return on investment expected  Enhanced services  Major PR focus  Innovation in teaching & learning  Quality assurance & assessment  Institutional audit report commendations  Positive customer satisfaction

24 Challenges  Customer expectations – ‘Paying customer’, VFM, quality experience  Customer in internet world, not UH world  Personalisation, immediacy, integration, presentation, mobility, security  Information literacy for ‘Google’ generation  HE & UH strategy  Staff development


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