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Make-up Brushes FMirza.

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1 Make-up Brushes FMirza

2 Brushes and their use in make-up application

3 Brushes Large face brush to remove excess face powder FMirza

4 Foundation brush To apply foundation FMirza

5 Blusher brush To apply powder to the face Where do you apply blusher?

6 Small Angle-edged eye shadow brush
Used to apply and blend powder eye make-up products in the socket area of the eye FMirza

7 Small rounded eye shadow brush
Used to apply eyeshadow,blend and shade FMirza

8 Medium firm eye shadow blending brush
Used to blend powder colours and soften harsh lines and colour FMirza

9 Small Concealer brush Used to apply concealer in the exact place which needs concealing FMirza

10 Eyebrow brush Used to remove excess make-up form the brow hair and to add colour,blend eyebrow pencil and brush the brow hair FMirza

11 Eyeliner brush Used to create a precise line used to apply make-up colour to surround the eyes FMirza

12 Mascara wand Used to apply mascara and remove excess mascara to lashes

13 Lip brush Used to apply lip products and ensure a definite ,balanced outline to lips FMirza

14 Disposable applicators and brushes
These are ideal to prevent cross-infection ,for example eye shadow ,mascara and lip brushes FMirza

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