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2 I ate something bad, I have…..
What’s Wrong? I ate something bad, I have….. Food Poisoning!

3 How do people get Food Poisoning?
Because of Bad Bacteria What is Bad Bacteria? Where does bad bacteria come from?

4 Poor Personal Hygiene Dirty Hands Dirty Finger Nails Dirty Uniforms
Smoking in Food Areas Being Sick at Work Open Cuts

5 The Importance of Washing your Hands

6 Bad Food Storage

7 Food Not Covered

8 Dirty Kitchens Fridge Not Cleaned Dirty Stove Tops Old Chopping Boards

9 Food Has Past its Expiration Date
Mouldy Bread Off Milk Rotten Meat Mouldy Cheese

10 Food Contamination Cutting foods on chopping boards with raw meat juices Mixing raw foods together

11 Under Cooked White Meat

12 Refreezing Food

13 Leaving Food Out For a Long Period of Time
Once Frozen Food or Cooked Food has reached room temperature bacteria can start doubling after a few hours

14 Incorrect Food Temperatures

15 No Pest Control Flies on the Food Cockroaches Rats and Mice
In the Kitchen

16 Rubbish Bins not Emptied Regularly

17 Did you know…… That some food poisoning cases are not from the food?
What else can make you feel very sick?

18 Leaving Ice on the Ground
Dirty Ice Dirty Ice Machines Using your hands Leaving Ice on the Ground

19 ACTIVITIES Activity 2- Why do people get food poisoning?
Activity 3- Personal Hygiene

20 Answers to Activity 3 People who work with food should always WASH their hands with SOAP and warm water AFTER going to the toilet, smoking, after TOUCHING their hair, nose and MOUTH. Food handlers must wash their hands after sneezing and COUGHING, touching RAW foods, eating and DRINKING, handling rubbish and especially after HANDLING chemicals. Every time a food handler enters a KITCHEN or food room they must ALWAYS wash their HANDS.

21 How do you prevent Food Poisoning?

22 By Having Good Personal Hygiene
Wash your hands regularly Especially after going to the bathroom Have a Clean Uniform Available If Sick Stay Home Place a Band Aid on Cuts

23 Foods to be covered and stored separately
Correct Food Storage Foods to be covered and stored separately

24 Keep Kitchen Clean

25 Check Expiry Dates and Label Foods

26 Stop Food Contamination

27 Check to see if the Meat is cooked
Food Thermometer

28 Thawed (Always Thaw Foods in the Fridge)
After a period of time Remove Frozen or Cooked Foods From Room Temperature Frozen Thawed (Always Thaw Foods in the Fridge) Room Temperature Cook Eat Or Refrigerate

29 Correct Food Temperatures

30 Pest Control Pest Control should be done on a weekly basis

31 Take Care When Handling Ice

32 “What’s wrong with this picture?”
ACTIVITIES English Grammar Complete activities 4 & 5 Complete Activity 6 “What’s wrong with this picture?”

33 Video Food Contamination

34 Remember to always…… After……


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