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Sunday October 28, 2000 Tim Brody - Stevan Harnad -

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1 Sunday October 28, 2000 Tim Brody - Stevan Harnad -

2 Sunday October 28, 2000 Cross-Discipline Self-Archiving through Distributed Archives … or changing this... arXiv submission rates - linear growth only 30% of citations to papers deposited in arXiv

3 Sunday October 28, 2000

4 Sunday October 28, 2000 … into this... Exponential growth in archiving to catch up with paper-based research 100% of papers archived, in all disciplines

5 Sunday October 28, 2000 Distributed Archives Open Archives (OAI) - Santa Fe protocol lays the foundation for archive software Each archive stores the paper, title, abstract, authors, subject, unique world id No access restrictions Archive information is exportable into archive “services”, e.g. global search engines Free and freely-available archive software: Anyone can create an archive; institution, company or individual

6 Sunday October 28, 2000 Why Distributed? Distributed Archives offer the potential to have all Scientific Literature online, inter-operable, free-to-access and inter-serviceable Distributed Institution-based archives will encourage authors to self-archive more than centralised services - Institution policies The Institution Archive opens self-archiving to all disciplines (costs are minimal and eventually lead to serials budget savings) Distributed Open Archiving promises the global citation “link” - click a citation and you are instantly taken to the full paper text, regardless of discipline or location

7 Sunday October 28, 2000 The Global Research Database

8 Sunday October 28, 2000 Citation-ranked Searches

9 Sunday October 28, 2000 Freeing the Refereed Literature Online Peer reviewers perform their service for journals for free, the results should be freed Archiving the embryology of research; from pre-print to post-print and beyond - the e-Print Placing existing research online to allow research to be accessible forever, anywhere, without restriction: Access- barriers are impact-barriers

10 Sunday October 28, 2000 Accessibility without Constraint Researchers no longer have to be constrained by their institution’s limited budgets for subscriptions, site-licenses and pay-per-view Remedying the non-anglo-saxon and developing world’s extra disadvantages, both in the visibility of their own research to the rest of the world (impact barriers) and in the accessibility of the rest of the rest of the world’s research to non-anglo-saxon and developing world researchers Re-engaging the Internet-age student with peer-reviewed scientific research, readily accessible from any computer, anywhere Why should publicly funded research be financially firewalled?

11 Sunday October 28, 2000 Making Research Global VisibilityAccess France Harvard financial firewalls

12 Sunday October 28, 2000 “High Impact” is centred around big institutions/Western journals No institution can afford the national journals from all countries; therefore non-mainstream countries disadvantaged Distributed archives level the playing field both for Researcher/Providers (visibility, impact) and Researcher/Users (access)

13 Sunday October 28, 2000 New Metrics of Research Impact Distributed interoperable archives give rise to rich new ways of analysing research impact: Impact factors based on all research, not just selected journals Co-citation and citation “webs” Reading factors - “hit” counts A “new age” of Scientometric analysis

14 Sunday October 28, 2000 Citation Linking & Scientometric Analysis

15 Sunday October 28, 2000 What France can do now Researchers: Self-archive present, future and past papers Universities: Download and type “MAKE ARCHIVE”. Make self- archiving University policy Libraries: Facilitate; set up and manage archives Publishers: Concede copyright & downsize to QC/C and add-on services Government & Society: Mandate public archiving of public research worldwide

16 Sunday October 28, 2000 References - Global O.A. search engine - Open Citation linking - e-Print archive for cognitive sciences - Electronics & Computer Science, Southampton

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