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Questionnaire Response

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0 Tracker FED Questionnaire Response Production Status Plans for 904
Plans for USC John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

1 Questionnaire Response
1. We already have FULL populated FED crates in 904 lab. Max of 16 x 9U FEDs in crate with associated 6U Transition cards to carry the CMCs. There are 40 FEDs and 35 Transition cards at CERN. 2. The final system has 36 crates containing a total of ~450 FEDs. We expect to deliver FEDs to CERN at about 50 per month. We have delivered 40 so far. I believe we have up to 12 crates installed in 904 open area for FEDs. 3. All 36 crates in USC won't be populated before Nov 06. FEDs should be there but depends on Tracker Integration needs. 4. We do have fake data/pattern generation facilities inside our FED. 5. The first ~150+ FEDs will be re-tested at B904 before being taken for the surface Tracker Integration in B186. Remaining will be re-tested at 904 and then direct to USC. We should have enough FEDs to start populating crates in USC start of Q2/06. 6. We should be ready to start integration at USC during Q2/06. On our side the minimum equipment we would require to send "fake" data would be ; Crates, cooling, CAEN controllers, TTC system. Assuming DAQ has provided FRLs, FMMs and associated cabling. But as you say difficult to give precise answers without more realistic installation planning. Our intention was to install FEDs in USC before the Tracker optical cabling is in place. Much depends on the Tracker Integration demands. A Question for you... When will the production Transmitter CMCs be available in quantities ? Ideally we would test the unit "FED + Transtion card + CMC" with FRL readout. Then keep that unit together for installing at USC. We are naturally rather anxious to test FEDs with production electronics of Trigger and DAQ systems including final FRLs and FMMs. Almost all tests so far have been with emulations of other systems. Particularly the merging to FRLs which I don't believe was thoroughly done? John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

2 FED Production Summary
Total of 450 (+50 spare) x (9U FEDs + 6U Transition cards) Housed in 36 crates in USC 1st batch of 50 FED boards are almost all at RAL 2nd batch of 50 at test at Assembly Plant, many already at RAL. 3rd batch of 50 in production in progress. 40 FEDs sent to CERN last week First ~ 150 will be used at Tracker Surface Integration Tests B186 + 70 SLINK 6U VME Transition cards (35 of which at CERN) (to be tested with final DAQ link before completing production). John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

3 Acceptance Testing Flow
0. Quality Controls during Assembly process AOI, X-ray 1. Custom Tests at Assembly Plant BScan, VME crate FED Assembly Company 2. Tests at RAL Optical, Full crate 3. Tests at CERN Prevessin 904 Readout Integration Rear Transition card on J2 RAL 4. Installation at CMS USC55 “Pipeline” with each stage taking ~ 1 month and containing 50 FEDs John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

4 B904 2 Racks (1 with 3 FED crates) in lab area 3? Racks with 12 FED crates in open area. Production boards are only intended for large scale Tracker commissioning and USC. All FEDs are tested in UK before delivery to CERN. All Acceptance Full Crate Tests at B904 (weed out early failures) First ~ 150? to used for Surface Tests of Tracker Remaining will go direct to USC55 “Vertical Slice” Design Test. Test of Production FED/Transition card with other Production Tracker/CMS DAQ Electronic systems urgent. Manufacture of 400 remaining Transition cards on hold. Awaiting tests with FRL/FMMs Acceptance testing at CERN 904. Re-test all delivered FEDs in 904 crates (burn in). Aim to test and install: “FED + Transition card + SLINK Transmitter CMC” as unit ? John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

5 USC55 Installation in USC Could start with 1 crate / 1 rack Q2/06 ?
FED can generate Fake Events with programmed data. But needs TTC system, PC interface for setup. Tracker doesn’t have a detailed plan for installation yet. Availability of crates, cooling, CCs, TTC, PCs…. Tracker Optical cabling front of rack. Mock up exists. Major job. Install FEDs first? DAQ FRL FMM cabling at rear of rack ? …other constraints. John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

6 Spare Slides John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

7 Test System Non Final Electronics
Access VME with SBS620 PCI-VME link VME crate PC FT (slave) FT (slave) VME crate FT (slave) J1 Connector FT (master) J2 Connector Merge 96 fibres into 8 ribbons of 12 fibres Simulate Local Trigger Control System Throttle signals from FED to FT Clock & L1As from FT to FED Slink PC (PCI-X slots) J0 Connector Generic PCI Card Slink-Tx Slink Rx LVDS cable FED John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

8 6U SLINK Transition Card
Carrier for slink transmitter Buffers control and data signals Buffers throttle signals Status 70 manufactured and tested with FEDKit. Of these 35 already at B904 CERN Manufacture of remaining 400 on hold. Awaiting tests with FRL/FMMs FED VME Backplane DAQ – Slink Transmitter Slink data and control signals Throttle signals to Fast Merge Module (FMM) John Coughlan RUWG November 2005

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