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Jo Maher, Rob Belcher and Peta Fee “Inspiring success and enriching lives”

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1 Jo Maher, Rob Belcher and Peta Fee “Inspiring success and enriching lives”

2  To describe the new approach to employer responsive provision and the relationship between Business Development and Curriculum  To explore the process map of the apprentice journey  To examine the role of IMPACT Apprentice and explore how we can optimise our working relationship

3  On a post-it write down 3 things we need to improve related to our Apprenticeship provision  Any areas not addressed by the end of this session will be taken away, actioned and reviewed at the first Employer Responsive Meeting.  Session rules: honest, solution focused, open to ideas/discussion.

4  The move of all Apprenticeship provision (except AASE and Space) to B, M & P Rationale  To be responsive to the external environment  To deliver to a consistently high standard  To reduce the cost of acquisition through streamlining the ‘Apprentice Journey’ and improving communication channels  To improve success rates  To meet our contract

5  To meet our contract and ensure there is no lag in reporting for the ILR, the month end is now 21 st of each month.  Timescales between sign up and enrolment need to be reduced to 7 working days  Current targets: £458,875 – 16-18 (average framework earn £5,000) £154,568 – 19+ (average framework earn £2,500) NB: Payments are 80% programme and 20% achievement and any new starts would be maximum 80% ‘in-year’ 14-15 making the pipeline conversion and phasing essential.

6  The following slides will examine the ‘Apprentice Journey’ in stages.  Business development and curriculum roles are juxtaposed in order to see the interplay between them and how each of the functions mutually lead to a successful apprentice.  Success is defined as an apprentice achieving all elements on time and a first time certificate claim to close them down on Prosolution.

7 CurriculumJustification An initial phone call with the employer to establish their training needs and expectations. Check whether we have a suitable framework. Contact WBL Co- ordinator for clarification and possible bespoke models. Have a clear understanding of the job role.  Saves a wasted visit  Manages the employers expectations  Ensures that apprentices stays on programme for the duration of their framework.  Improved success rates

8 Ratio of Apprentices in CohortEmployer Contribution 16-1819-23 60No contribution required 51 42 33£125 per 19+ apprentice 24£250 per 19+ apprentice 15£300 per 19+ apprentice 06£450 per 19+ apprentice Full cost models provided (see hand out) Front end information is essential BD to provide guide apprentice information (if known) BM&P to provide ‘Top 20 frameworks’ and typical job information

9 If required, invite WBL Co-ordinator or assessor to support in specialist fields. The apprentice contract must meet the duration of the full framework. Checklist to be shared between BD and BM&P.  To ensure the framework matches their needs  To ensure the apprentice is able to succeed  To ensure timely completion  To ensure Loughborough College is associated with quality apprenticeship programmes Possible pitfall  We are currently dealing with apprentices who are on a 2 year apprenticeship programme with a one year contract the employer may have no intention to extend it.

10 WRC copies of contracts, ERN etc. via email to new Senior Administrator via Commercial Administrator. One point of contact. Advert closing date is useful.  No point multiple copies being saved  Limited storage in Outlook  The advert closing is useful as it helps WRC plan diary to assist with the shortlisting process

11 Live vacancies and closing date will be sent to WBL Co- ordinator. Access to AVOL for WBL Co-ordinators as read only.

12 Stage Four n/a Stage Five Curriculum staff to devise a set of questions to bespoke by area. All results to be shared with WBL Co- ordinator to agree which applicants can be shortlisted  To ensure we have the right calibre of applicant  To ensure the applicant has the potential to achieve the full framework in the timescales required  Improved success rates


14  Handover agreed and decision on who BD and Curriculum liaison is for salient queries. 2 points of contact per company (in new contract).  For the sale to count Apprentice must stay on programme for 10 weeks.  SLA with curriculum subcontracting for tech cert to be agreed e.g. grade 2 delivery.


16 IMPACT Apprenticeships is jointly owned by Loughborough College and MEGT IMPACT Apprenticeships is a National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) & Confederation of Apprenticeship Training Agencies (COATA) quality accredited ATA IMPACT Apprenticeships’ flexible and sustainable solutions are driven by the business need

17 New to Apprenticeships Headcount restrictions but ageing workforce No employment risk Full recruitment service provided Mentoring and HR support Return and Rotation = Train and develop the skills the business needs IMPACT employ the apprentice

18 Manage all recruitment activities Advertise, short list, telephone and face to face interviews, structured interview notes and realistic candidate assessment Literacy and numeracy screening DBS check – POCA/POVA checks if applicable References checked Monthly pastoral support visits On-line and telephone support to both apprentices and employers Fortnightly invoicing to host employers Weekly payroll to apprentices - we manage PAYE and NI contributions Monitor effectiveness of training delivery HR and performance management carried out Rotation/Return service

19  Business needs to focus on business  The experts at IMPACT understand apprenticeships and how to ensure they add value to the business  We work with employers to understand the business so we can match them up with both the apprentice and the training provider  We monitor the training provided to ensure it meets our quality standards  We take the risk away from the business by employing the apprentice  On completion the business can employ an enthusiastic and committed individual who is trained in their processes and procedures

20 IMPACT Apprenticeship Employment and Training Agency Specialist expertise that  supports business and apprentices throughout the Apprenticeships.  connects job seekers with the business.  provides three way information and feedback.  simplifies the connection for all parties. EMPLOYERS Loughborough College Working with business to help them grow – apprenticeships are a solution! Businesses focus on running their business 78% of current engagement is with SMEs

21 Leicestershire Sports Apprenticeships 3 years in succession Quality Delivery Quality Service YearStartsCompletionsOutcomes 2011/1210 7 employment, 3 HE 2012/1311 10 employment, 1 HE 2013/1420ongoing

22 IMPACT Apprentice timely achievement is 95% 81% of apprentices get full time jobs 14% apprentices progress to further apprenticeships or HE Following the Richards Review, it appears that funding will go to the employer probably through an apprenticeship credit account IMPACT Apprenticeships is an employer IMPACT Apprenticeships is Loughborough College’s ATA How easy will it be to negotiate with one employer rather than hundreds?!!

23 overall employer satisfaction 2013/2014 repeat business rate 2012/2013 65% success rate 2013/2014 95% apprentices going into higher education 14% returns 5% rotations 8% 98% apprentices going into full time employment 81% Current apprenticeship vacancies 42

24 “The service provided by IMPACT Apprenticeships has been great, the quality of the candidates was very good, it has been a very smooth process with all the hassle removed. We would definitely recommend the IMPACT service to anyone looking for an apprentice” Julia Doherty - CEO - Green Umbrella “We have found the service from IMPACT to be very professional and efficient, we would not hesitate to work with IMPACT again and to recommend their services to others” Melvyn Clarke - General Manager - Brett and Randall “The process in finding our new apprentice was made simple by IMPACT, they sourced our apprentice, training provider and have taken care of all the HR and employment. I would highly recommend this way of Apprentice recruitment and have indeed recommended IMPACT to many other companies” Vince Thomas - Director - Automation Technology Ltd “Our journey into the world of Apprenticeships has been made easy by IMPACT Apprenticeships. Open dialogue in the early stages led to a good understanding of what we require and the results speak for themselves. It’s always good to work with a partner who is professional in their manner and can deliver on their promises.” Robin Haynes - HR Manager - ECF

25 We understand that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to employing an Apprentice The College have the reassurance that we will support the apprentice’s training, working with you to resolve concerns. With a 95% timely achievement rate the College can be confident that we will support their training delivery. Our HR guidance and mentoring support means that 98% of employers are happy with our quality service.


27  New approach to employer responsive provision is designed to maximise retention, success and achievement of apprenticeships whilst growing the portfolio and meeting the college contract  Any questions or concerns – Rob and Jo and key points of contact  IMPACT are here to provide a complimentary solution as an ATA  Curriculum staff stay for 5 minutes with Jo

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