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ERP...with NO Expiry Date TM Monday, September 01, 2014 HESA 2007/08 Michael Davies.

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1 ERP...with NO Expiry Date TM Monday, September 01, 2014 HESA 2007/08 Michael Davies

2 Introduction Current Release Next Release Coding Frame Validation Post Production Documentation ITT Stream DLHE Stream HESES Other Streams Release Schedule

3 Current Release Data Capture01.08 SP1(29/05/2007) HESA Workbench01.10 SP1(29/02/2008) Release philosophy and expectations  Deadline 15/09/2008  Student Stream Production  Courses  Defaults  (Validation)

4 Next Release Enhancements  Qualifications On Entry Dataset production  Rules enabled (not Module Datasets)  Module Dataset(s) production review —All NUMHUS modules active in reporting period —Module Start and End dates must NOT be NULL —Student on Module drives Module Dataset —Module Dataset drives Module Subject Dataset  HIN Target Processing

5 Next Release (cont.) Enhancements (cont.)  Filters review  Defaults review  Addition of COURSEID Student AOS data source  Addition of Sessional TINST(2) data source

6 Bug Fixes  Entry Profile Dataset: Corrected ORACLE load failure  ENDDATE: Correction of data source  RECFEE: Implement Derive Fees  Dual System Mapping: NATION, ETHNIC, DISALL, DOMICILE  NATION: Map XF, XG, XH, XI, XK to GB  UNITLGTH: Map '6' to '9‘

7 Bug Fixes (cont.)  UNITLGTH: Map ‘6’ to ‘9’  Implement coverage: MCDATE, PHDSUB  Missing STSCNTRY CDD code for ‘ST. 1736A’  SCN: Output null attribute when = ‘999999999’  YEARLGTH: Output null attribute when = ‘99’  REDUCEDI: Corrected ‘02’ bug  ADDSUPCT: Corrected SQL Server factoring error  Defaults Tab display: Corrected error

8 Coding Frame Refresh in next release JACS2: Mapping vs Overwrite TINST: Awaiting UKPRN list  Contingency plans

9 Validation Current options  Use windows stand-alone HESA XML Validation Kit  Results typically in: C:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\HESA\XMLValidationKit\XMLValidationResults Future options  Integration with the HESA Workbench  Integration relies on VK stability  Release of command line version (end of May?)

10 Post Production How do I edit an XML file? HESA Output tables solution.

11 Documentation Agresso Students HESA Student Stream 2007 Help File —Downloads > —Documentation > —Agresso Students Documentation > —QLSV4 > —QLSV4 Win > —HESA

12 ITT Stream Data capture 01.11(13-06-2008) Production Phase I 01.11(13-06-2008)

13 DLHE Stream Data Capture 01.12(12-2008) Production01.12(12-2008)

14 HESES HESES07 developed against HESA 07 Student Stream specification Minimum redevelopment envisaged

15 Other Streams Student stream Aggregate overseas stream ITT stream Staff stream DLHE stream Finance stream NCB stream Campus info stream DLHE longitudinal survey

16 Release Schedule 01.11 (13-06-2008)  HESA Student Stream  ITT Student Stream 01.11 HF1(31-07-2008)  HESA Student Stream (Final)  ITT Student Stream (Final) 01.12(12-2008)  DLHE Student Stream (Final)

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