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53 rd Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Media Breakfast October 25, 2012 PRESENTATION OF THE LONG TERM STRATEGY PLAN.

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1 53 rd Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Media Breakfast October 25, 2012 PRESENTATION OF THE LONG TERM STRATEGY PLAN

2 53 Years of Growth: 1959 – 2012 A History of Expansion & Enhancement NUMBER OF LOCATIONS In 1959, only the War Memorial Auditorium; 6 prime locations today. SIZE & NUMBER OF BOATS In 1968, largest boat was 53; today it is 296. EXHIBITORS ON DISPLAY In 1975 there were 103; today there are more than 1,000. EVERYTHING MARINE EXPERIENCE Today, the show features every product for the marine lifestyle, plus seminars, entertainment and more.

3 Our Unique Positioning Today The world's largest in-water boat show The world's largest boat show in square footage: 3 million square feet of exhibit space The one truly international show in the U.S. covering all segments

4 What will FLIBS look like over the next decade?

5 Our Vision for the Future To be the world's showcase of the boating and marine lifestyle where interested people gather once a year to see what is new, connect with each other and celebrate the boating lifestyle.

6 Our Mission To be the best worldwide platform to educate, inform, inspire, entertain and transact commerce for the marine industry.

7 1 Our Top Five Priorities Remain the largest boat show in the world, with all major marine industry suppliers represented.

8 2 Our Top Five Priorities Inform and educate consumers and industry in the latest products, technology, regulations, facilities and how to do business worldwide.

9 3 Our Top Five Priorities Inform worldwide audiences about FLIBS and what it offers them.

10 4 Our Top Five Priorities Measurably improve the satisfaction (and fun) of consumers, community and exhibitors each year.

11 5 Our Top Five Priorities Annually measure the show's economic impact.

12 Our Methodology for Creating Long-term Strategy Collaboration between Show Management and MIASF. Established base-line trends using historical FLIBS and NMMA data. Reviewed exhibitor and consumer post-show surveys. Conducted 30 open-ended individual interviews across various marine industry segments.

13 FLIBS' Strengths: The size of the show and product diversity make it the international meeting place for the industry. The show is well run: logistics are strong but can be improved; experienced staff; investment in equipment and infrastructure. Powerful brand & reputation; long history; attracts high concentration of qualified buyers. What They Told US

14 FLIBS' Strengths: Fort Lauderdale is a great location. Accessibility to airports, hotels, tenders Right time of year You have to be there. What They Told US

15 FLIBS' Opportunities for Improvement: Helping people get around the worlds largest in-water boat show Smooth experience for VIP customers Additional dining options What They Told US

16 FLIBS Opportunities for Improvement: Affordability for all size exhibitors Expanded focus on attracting visitors from all major international markets Guest services Depth limits for super yachts What They Told US

17 Seven Strategies & Associated Tactics for Achieving Our Priorities

18 Improve the layout; upgrade its look, feel and professionalism. Make sure each product category is well represented. Strategy 1

19 Strategy 1 Layout & Look Tactics for 2012 & Beyond Create villages or themed areas by type. Give each village or theme a unique look based on product type. Enhance seminar area, restaurants, VIP meeting areas.

20 Strategy 1 Layout & Look New in 2012 Attractive main show entrance Enhancements to SYBASS and Trawler Port areas Sport Fishing Village & Performance Village Village flags with logos and colors Additional greeters; upgraded staff dress code

21 Strategy 1 Layout & Look Beyond 2012 Research Cruiser Village and others Reconfigure show layout accordingly; move accessory exhibitors adjacent to Villages. Continue identifying opportunities for enhancement.

22 Improve navigation within the show. Strategy 2

23 Strategy 2 Navigation Tactics for 2012 & Beyond Continue to: Enhance signage Show new Villages & amenities on all maps, in program, website, app Enhance training and positioning of Greeters Develop features of MyBoatShow app

24 Strategy 3 Improve exhibitor and consumer logistics.

25 Strategy 3 Exhibitor & Consumer Logistics 2012 & Beyond Expedite movement for exhibitors during set-up/tear down. Track transit wait times. Improve bus resources. Create VIP transportation systems, valet and entrances. Increase emphasis on water transportation. Create special transportation and parking maps.

26 Strategy 4 Expand marketing to interested marine suppliers and affect their interest in attending.

27 Strategy 4 Marketing to the Industry 2012 & Beyond Create a campaign to attract missing marine suppliers: Work with exhibitors to determine how they measure ROI from the show. Analyze historical exhibitor turnover. Evaluate declines in product categories such as smaller boats and create strategies to bring them back to the show.

28 Additional Tactics: 2012 & Beyond Enhanced communication: Create a "new products" communication tool for the show. Communicate all enhancements to exhibitors. Strategy 4 Marketing to the Industry

29 Additional Tactics: 2012 & Beyond International outreach: Build database of international boat owners & captains. Build global alliances (governments, marine associations) and excitement about FLIBS in: Asia Australia Brazil Canada China Europe India Mexico Russia South/Central America

30 Strategy 5 Make the show more fun.

31 Strategy 5 Make the Show More Fun 2012 & Beyond flyover, fireworks, surprise entertainment! Re-theme major cocktail barges and add smaller ones. Expand food & beverage offerings. Evaluate official signature concert. Schedule daily entertainment to delight attendees.

32 Strategy 6 Increase the number and awareness of educational programs (seminars, clinics).

33 Strategy 6 Educational Programs 2012 & Beyond Appoint an educational director. Broaden seminar appeal with new topics. Publish a comprehensive guide to seminars and clinics.

34 Strategy 7 Improve B-2-B at the show.

35 Strategy 7 B-2-B at the Show 2012 & Beyond Survey exhibitors and continually seek ways to meet their needs. Investigate possibilities for new B-2-B events during the show. Create a complete event tracking system, both inside and outside the show.

36 Through collaboration among the MIASF, exhibitors, attendees and Show Management, we continue to make FLIBS the greatest boat show in the world.

37 Presentation available at

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