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Ma’Alot Massacre Available online at: Available online at:

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1 Ma’Alot Massacre Available online at: Available online at:

2 W.W.W.W Who? Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine What? Hostage/School Massacre Where: Ma’alot Galilee Israel When? May 15 1974

3 The Van Attack The attack was carried out by three members of the DFLP dressed in Israel Defence Force uniforms They got into Ma’alot through a nearby nature reserve on May 13th and hid for a few days. When driving to Ma’alot they encountered a van full of Christian Arab women, they asked for directions then shot up the van.

4 The Cohen family When they got to Ma’alot they knocked on the doors of homes and shot anyone who answered. The Cohen Family answered the door, the terrorists killed their 4 year old son, wounded their 5 year old daughter and then killed the couple. The only family member unharmed was a 16 month old baby who couldn’t see, speak or hear.

5 The School Massacre Terrorists headed for Netiv Mier elementary schools where a group of students was housed on a field trip. They asked a man for directions on the way and then shot him and left him to die. The terrorists entered the school and took 120 students hostage.

6 Teachers Escape Many of the teachers abandoned their students by jumping out the window. At the time of the attack they were suspended from teaching and parents thought them cruel. After the attack they were cleared of any wrong doings despite the negative reaction from parents.

7 Attack and Demands Students were left inside to sit on the ground at gunpoint with explosive devices in between them. Terrorists demanded the release of 23 prisoners from Israeli jails. Conditions had to be met by 6pm or students would be killed. Negotiations occurred but no extended deadline was given.

8 Ambush At 2:25pm the Special Forces Unit was given the go ahead to ambush the school. They split up into 3 units. Two would enter through the front door and one through the window. The first unit was met with gunfire, while the second was blinded by smoke from a grenade.

9 The third unit managed to get through the window. The terrorists loaded their weapons with ammunition from teachers desks and sprayed the students with gunfire. Two grenades were also thrown at a group of girls. The terrorists were shot.

10 Death Toll and Aftermath 22 students were killed in the attack plus 3 terrorists. Israel Defence Force planes bombed training camps and offices of the terrorists. These bombs also hit refugee camps and killed 27 people. A special terrorism unit called Yaman was developed in Israel.


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