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Community Events of the Washington Rd. Corporate District of Mt. Lebanon, PA November 3 - 17 New Works by Diane White Planet Art Gallery Monday, November.

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1 Community Events of the Washington Rd. Corporate District of Mt. Lebanon, PA November 3 - 17 New Works by Diane White Planet Art Gallery Monday, November 12th Tastes and Treasures of Mt. Lebanon Come for a progressive walking and dining evening. Enjoy food, shopping, raffles, and entertainment. Tickets are $25 and available at the Recreation Center and Municipal Building. Thursday, November 15 Light Up Night Welcome SANTA’s Arrival in the MLFD Fire Truck! Don’t miss the TREE LIGHTING in Clearview Common and be sure to check yourfavorite stores for holiday RAFFLES! Friday, November 30 th Holiday Open House Come out for a relaxing night of chocolates, hors d’ouvres, adult beverages and great deals at: Create-a-Frame, Kool Kat Design, Planet Art Gallery, Ona, La Boheme, Celtic Cross, Art by M.A., Art Loft, More Than Words, Salon Vivace, and more. Friday, December 7th Mistletoe Menagerie 2007's last First Friday with live music & strolling entertainment! Weather permitting, the party will be outside. Otherwise, come inside to all your favorite Washington Road stores and enjoy music, food, drink & good company! Friday, December 7th Find Lebo!! Uptown, 6 - 9 p.m. Find Lebo and get a surprise! Over $1000 in Lebo Loot, coupons, candy - - it's hard to say what might come out of Lebo's Sack o' Fun!

2 Example of Businesses Located on Washington Rd. Aladdin’s Eatery ALFA in Dentistry Angie’s Antique Center The Art Loft Gallery Bernie’s Flowers Bill Badarno’s Hair Styling Studio Bistro 19 Bucey & Junker Attorneys CC’s Homemade Food The Celtic Cross Children’s Community Care Citizen’s Bank DiNardo’s Candy EJB Holdings Company Eye Gallery Family heirlooms Henderson Brothers Insurance John R. Couy Insurance Agency Kingsbury Fragrances Kool Kat Designs L’Enfant Elegant La Piana Chiropractic Ladies Fitness of Mt. Lebanon Langston Interior Design Little Tokyo L.J. Marks Jewelers Martial Arts America Massery Photography, Inc. Milan Liptak, Architect Molly Brannigan’s Monte’s Barber Shop More Than Words Fine Paper Mt. Lebanon Shoe Repair Outreach Teen & Family Services, Inc. Resonance Violins Rollier’s Hardware

3 Recent Washington Rd. Development Projects Clearview Common which transformed an inadequate parking lot into a scenic, outdoor lounge area to serve as a public center for the business district. In keeping with the Mt. Lebanon tradition of high municipal standards, the $5 million renovation project of the historic municipal building. Proposals are under consideration in the area for: - an $11 million hotel development project - renovation of the current public transportation system which includes both bus routes and a T station for convenient access to surrounding areas including downtown Pittsburgh. - a $41 million condominium development on the outskirts of the business district that would provide affordable living within walking distance of the many amenities and transportation opportunities of the area.

4 Practical Amenities of the Washington Rd. District 72 storefronts that house approximately 182 businesses Substantial amounts of well-maintained and safe parking opportunities in multiple locations. A summer Farmers’ Market every week and several seasonal outdoor festivals hosted on the main street.

5 En Route to the Future: Birth of the Washington Rd. Corporate District The original planning conference, entitled “En Route to the Future” was held in July of 1994 and, with typical Mt. Lebanon transparency, consisted of “public workshop session [which] were the community’s fist steps in making a community strategic plan for Washington Road, under the auspices of the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon, and the municipality’s urban design consultants, Chan Krieger & Associates.” Many topics were covered at that original meeting including parking, traffic, corporate atmosphere, types of patrons that would be attracted including how to market area to families and senior citizens, community ambiance, and treatment of individual buildings in the area. A study entitled the “Mt. Lebanon Washington Road Study” was commissioned at this conference. It was to look at all aspects pertaining to possible development both on a local and broader scale.

6 Mt. Lebanon Comprehensive Plan – Adopted Dec. 2000 Businesses of the Washington Road district can join the Mt. Lebanon Chamber of Commerce: “chamber is a partnership of people working together for better business, personal opportunities, economic development and community enrichment.” Economic Development Council was formed in 1996 in answer to Washington Rd. study to implement their ideas and liaison with all businesses districts. Elaborated on need for offices, cultural district, variety in commercial development. Stressed need to maintain unified, attractive look to storefronts in pedestrian friendly areas and need to sponsor community events for exposure of area. Pennsylvania Downtown Program: “community development program that promotes economic growth and revitalized communities.” Comprehensive Plan, 2000. “If it is to remain a progressive community, Mt. Lebanon must promote economic growth. Mt. Lebanon must strive to remain viable in the local and regional economy, while preserving the character and charm of its various business districts. Mt. Lebanon is among the regional leaders in recreational facilities, community services, and public education. This has helped to attract and retain residents which in turn has helped sustain local businesses. The business districts also need to reflect the outstanding character and evolution of the rest of the community. Currently, the central business district on Washington Road is faced with challenges including vacancies, congestion caused by thru-traffic and a perceived lack of parking” Comprehensive Plan, 2000.

7 Suggestions from residents at time of initial planning phase of commercial district. Proposal for the Revitalization of Mt. Lebanon, Spring Semester, 1991. “It would be great to have a market-house, a deli, a flower- shop, more bakeries and service shops, not only for the elderly population but for families too.” “We need to expand and concentrate the number of medical suites so that Washington Rd. can become known as a family medical center.” “We should include places to sit, sheltered from sun, wind and snow” “Elderly widows have money to spend, but nowhere to meet. We catch a trolley and go downtown.” “If you had better access from the T, those people would shop.” “It’s frightening to cross that road. There is too much commuter traffic.” “I tried to find a drugstore to buy a bottle of aspirin, but I couldn’t find a parking space.” “Don’t forget more restaurants, and an ice cream shop for the kids, large kids as well as tots.” “When you stop at the Mt. Lebanon stop, you are looking at a concrete wall or platform.”

8 Suggestions from independent study by university students in the area, Spring Semester, 1991 Strengthen two main points of entry at either end of district No commercial activities off of Washington Road Ground floors devoted to only commercial – no residential Make Washington Rd. visible from LRT station Washington Road must remain four lane, two way road Consider widening street, sidewalk or adding median Increase commercial activity with unique shops/cafes Replace old benches, create cluster parks and integrate bus stops at cluster points Pedestrian connection to LRT station and North Parking Garage Facilitate pedestrian crossing, possible tunnel Aesthetically pleasing lighting Make sidewalks handicap accessible

9 Memoirs of the Mt. Lebanon Public Information Officer: Susan Morgans – I. How does the commercial district affect Mt. Lebanon now? We feel that it really distinguishes us from some other suburbs that we might consider competition in terms of attracting new residents because a lot of suburban communities no longer have a town center. The fact that people can walk to a restaurant and it’s probably an independent restaurant do and not a chain and sto off at a library, or stop off at the municipal building and pay their taxes, go to their dentist, their doctor – ample parking but easy for most people to walk to business district. For a certain kind of person who is looking for more of a small town traditional feeling, that nucleus of a business district is very attractive. No one moves just because of our commercial district but if they are looking for a great school district and an interesting neighborhood and house and they look at Mt. Lebanon and then perhaps others – the business district seems to sway a lot of people.

10 Memoirs of the Mt. Lebanon Public Information Officer: Susan Morgans – II.

11 Washington Rd. Study Results - 1994 -area must appeal to a broader audience than just Mt. Lebanon and develop into a ‘niche market’ - needs of families and especially needs of growing numbers of seniors must be addressed -revitalization could be divided into phases each must be “mutually dependent and complementary.” - incorporate small scale health facilities that could attract foot traffic to the area - advised low to mid- rise residential buildings extend out from Washington Rd. to also attract foot traffic - facilities be located on second floor with commercial businesses on first floor with prominent façade. - some ‘common area’ of nature as a town square would unify the area - spectacular views should be exploited to enhance cosmetic identity of area, capitalize on specific focal points - allow for ample parking Develop a coherent theme for the area so that there was some type of unity to district. - maintain community sense in commercial district that Mt. Lebanon is famous for. - development must be done in light of being part of larger Allegheny County area. - capitalize on complementary areas in surrounding towns and keep eye to competition - maintain Washington Rd. as 4 lane road to attract more traffic - ensure that ‘gateways’ to area are maintained for practicality and aesthetics - focus on T station entrance into commercial district to encourage traffic

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