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Chapter 8: From a Young Growing Nation to a Nation Divided

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1 Chapter 8: From a Young Growing Nation to a Nation Divided
OPERATION PUSH Flashcards Chapter 8: From a Young Growing Nation to a Nation Divided

2 Directions Odd Numbered Slides Even Numbered Slides
Term has been provided Insert Picture to accompany word Find Pictures by searching Google Images Right mouse click on the picture and click copy Return to powerpoint, right mouse click on the clip art Icon Paste the image You may need to resize the image Even Numbered Slides Provide SHORT, typed description of the term NOTE: Do not copy and paste. If you type the information, you force your mind to THINK about the information

3 The Cabinet

4 __________ who advise the president.

5 Hamilton’s Financial Plan

6 Proposed federal government handle debts and create a national ______.

7 Neutrality

8 US adopted a policy to avoid __________

9 Alien and Sedition Acts

10 Allowed President Adams to _______ foreigners they though were _________.
States could declare federal laws _________.

11 Louisiana Purchase

12 Arranged when ___________ was president.
_________ the size of the US

13 Era of Good Feelings

14 Time when __________ prevailed over sectionalism (focus on your state)

15 Andrew Jackson

16 Main supporters were ___________.

17 Spoils System

18 Rewarded __________ who helped in his election campaign.

19 Trail of Tears

20 Forced __________ to move to Oklahoma Territory.

21 Manifest Destiny

22 US was destined to expand from _________________.

23 Causes of the Civil War

24 Many different caused Sectionalism ________ States ________ _______’s Presidency

25 Sectionalism

26 American’s loyalty to ___________

27 Abolitionists

28 People who wanted to ________________.

29 Kansas-Nebraska Act

30 Introduced the idea of ___________ _________ where people get to choose the rules of their land (usually by voting)

31 Dred Scott v. Sanford

32 Determined Congress could not _________ slavery in any US ___________.

33 John Brown

34 Abolitionist who led a _________ in _________, Virginia.

35 Secede

36 Most Southern states ________ from the Union

37 Confederate States of America

38 Name of the _______States that seceded

39 Robert E. Lee

40 Brilliant ___________ for the South.

41 Ulysses S. Grant

42 General for the _______ who was at the surrender of the South at ________ in 1865.

43 Emancipation Proclamation

44 Announced that all slaves in the South ____________.

45 Thirteenth Amendment

46 _________ slavery throughout the US.

47 Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan

48 Sought to follow _______’s plan for Reconstruction.
Established _________ Bureau

49 Freedmen’s Bureau

50 Created to help former ______ adjust to new free life.

51 Black Codes

52 Created to preserve Southern _________ despite the end of _________.

53 Carpetbaggers

54 _________ who went to the _________ to profit during Reconstruction.

55 Share-cropping

56 Freedmen worked for a _______ of the crop.

57 Poll Taxes

58 Registration ______ to keep Freedmen from voting.

59 Jim Crow Laws

60 Segregated _______ and ______

61 Booker T. Washington

62 Felt Blacks should concentrate on _________ before full __________________.

63 W.E.B. DuBois

64 Felt blacks should work for ____________ immediately and not accept _________.

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