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Voice “Voice…..the sense that a real person is speaking to you and cares about the message. It is the heart and soul of the writing the magic, the wit,

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1 Voice “Voice…..the sense that a real person is speaking to you and cares about the message. It is the heart and soul of the writing the magic, the wit, the feeling…..” Ruth Culham

2 What Peace Means to Me Said Mohamed, 4th grade
I came from Somalia. There was a war there. People were getting hurt. Bombs were dropping. I could hear guns. At night they woke me up. Two of my brothers were fighting in the war. One brother was nineteen and one brother was twenty-six. They both got killed. One night the bad guys came into our house. We ran out the back. They stole my mom’s jewelry. My uncle wanted to stay and fight, but my dad told him, “No!” We went to Ethiopia to get away. Sometimes we rode in a truck, or on camels or we walked. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see bad things. We never went back to our house in Somalia. After one year we came to America. I hope they never have a war in America. People need to show love. That is PEACE! Ask them to think about level of language - preproduction, early production, speech emergence, intermediate fluency, advanced fluency

3 Daily Writing Prompts September 26 —
On September 26, 1774, John Chapman was born. Later in life, he became better known as Johnny Appleseed. Johnny performed a community service as he traveled west spreading apple seeds. Write about some types of community service that you could possibly perform.

4 Daily Writing Prompts March 30 
On this day in 1858, the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser was issued.  Taking your pencil’s point of view, what do you think a typical day in your classroom would be like? March 21 
Today is “Children’s Poetry Day.”  Using your favorite form of poetry, write a poem about what it means to be a kid.  Think about the advantages and disadvantages. March 16 
On this day in 1751, our 4th President, James Madison was born.  Madison was the oldest of twelve (12) children.  What do you think would be the advantages and/or disadvantages of having eleven (11) siblings?  Would you like to have eleven younger brothers and sisters? March 8
March 8th is “Working Women’s Day.”  Many people feel that being a stay-at- home-mom is full-time job.  Do you agree or disagree and why? March 6 
On this day in 1912, Oreo Cookies were sold for the first time.  Describe to someone how you like to eat your Oreo.

5 More writing prompts…. You can post your response (750 words or fewer) on the site. Write a made-up magic spell, including ingredients, chants, and actions. Now, turn it into a poem. Pretend that there is a small man/woman operating the control system of your brain. Write about your day from his/her perspective. How does he/she feel about you? One day you wake up to find your dog/cat waiting for you at the side of your bed, sitting on your briefcase. Cocking its head, it tells you, in perfect English, that you won’t be going to work today. Why won’t your pet let you go to work, and what happens? You're late for work because you overslept, but your boss hates over- sleepers. He does love entertaining stories, so create the most outlandish excuse as to why you were late.

6 Save the Last Word for Me (Dialogue Journals)
Locate five statements or quotations that you find interesting as a reader. Write the statement or quote in your journal or on one side of an index card. Then, write your comments or questions about the statement on the back side of the index card or in your journal. Share the quote in your small group inviting others to add their thoughts. Do not share your thinking until everyone in your group has given a reaction. This is also a great way of allowing students to pick a final topic for a paper after reading. Each student can select their favorite quote and deal with it from the concrete, relative and abstract points of view. Every paper you read will be different.

7 Bloom’s Choice Board Create a concentration game based on 10 activities. Use pictures and words. Make a map for an ideal downtown that including the places learned in this unit. Write a “conjugation” poem including all forms of the verb “IR”. Design a mobile showing a place and all the activities related to that place. Write a sentence to describe each card. Compose a song to teach the -AR verb endings. Teach it to the class. Describe some activities you do on a typical Saturday. Be sure to give your opinions. Find a map of a city that speaks the target language. Locate various places and write a description saying what you do there. Recite the days of the week and say what you normally do on two different days. Compare and contrast what you do on a school day versus a weekend day.

8 Bloom’s Choice Board remembering understanding applying analysing
evaluating creating

9 Conventions Ruth Culham
“Students in classes where conventions are valued over everything else get a distorted view of writing…Effective writing classrooms are places where there is a balance between creating interesting, informative, imaginative texts, and editing those texts for conventions.” Ruth Culham

10 ELL Adult Sample I live in St. Charles I came here by myself 1 year and 5 month ago. My family is in Korea. I came here to study English. Before coming to St. Louis. I used to live in Seoul, Korea. I wanted to come to US from before to learn English and enjoy my different life. Since I came here, I really enjoyed doing somethings and going new places. I’ll go back to Korea end of this month.

11 Dear neighbors. We are your new neighbors. Me. Haibo and my wife Donghua. We are from China, and have been in America for 2 years but in St. Louis, just 2 months. Before moved to St. Louis, we lived on University of Missouri – Columbia campus. My wife graduated and found a job here, so we moved here at the end of last year. As Chinese, we like Chinese food very much, but not America football and we do not have kids, so we should be quite. Because of the methods of Chinese cooking, there may be some smoke and smell in and around our apartment, if you feel uncomfortable, just let us know, we will maintain it as little as we can. Le me tell you about moving. When we prepared the lugages to America we found that it is very hard to put everything we need into two 32 lb boxes which are maximum lugages each passenger can carry. But at the to move to St. Louis we are surprised how we could get so many stuffs in two year. Fortunately, my wife got more fenifit from the new job, so we hired a moving company to help us, which made work easier. In the future years, my wife hope she can get good performance in her job, and can attain her PhD. Degree. I will be a graduate student in UMSL, and we hope we can have a baby next year. Best regards, Laura Terrill

12 Great Art of France: Virtual Visits
Elle s’appelle Mona Lisa. Elle a 32 ans. Elle n’est pas jolie, mais elle n’est pas laide, non plus. Elle a les cheveux longs, pas noirs, pas blonds......

13 Yesterday – Today - Tomorrow
What happened? What will happen? What is happening?

14 Déçu à Paris J’ai voyagé à Paris.
Tu m’as écrit une lettre avant ton arrivée. Mon amie est venue à Paris aussi. Nous avons visité la ville. Vous avez bien dîné le soir, pas moi, j’étais malade. Mes amis se sont amusés, pas moi, j’ai dormi à l’hôtel.

15 Déçu à Paris I traveled to Paris.
You wrote me a letter before you arrrived. My friend also came to Paris. We visited the city. You ate well that evening, but not me, I was sick. My friends had a good time, but I slept in the hotel.

16 Structured Writings Consider the difference……
Comment on a current event: Include: a verb that uses “avoir” a verb that uses “être” a reflexive verb two adjectives two connectors explain what has happened comment on what is happening predict what will happen under different circumstances end by giving your thoughts on what should happen

17 Presentation “It takes a great deal of effort to overlook a piece’s visual problems and respond to its ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. How the paper looks influences our reaction to it, no matter how hard we try to keep it from creeping into our overall assessment.” Ruth Culham

18 A Sampler of Writing Process Strategies as Enhanced by Digital Tools
Audience and Identity Blogging, social network sites Writing processes Word processing software, Google Docs Prewriting and researching Mapping and outlining tools, visualization tools like,, RSS feeds for research, social bookmarking tools like Diigo Freewriting and collecting Private blogs, twitter accounts, personal journals Drafting Word processing, wikis which automatically track changes Revising Highlighting and commenting tools like voicethread, Google docs Editing Word processing applications – grammar and spell checkers Publishing Blogs, Web sites, wikis, profile pages, podcasts, digital stories Multigenre and multimodal writing Web site creation, slideshow software, digital movie Electronic portfolio Wikis Adapted from Because Digital Writing Matters

19 Second-Graders Hone Writing Skills With Twitter
The AP (3/12) reports, "Twitter, the online social networking service that's become popular with celebrities and politicians, is linking second-grade classes in two Maine towns." The students in "Mrs. White's class in Orono" have "been Twittering for about a month with Mr. Thompson's class in Greene, exchanging messages that can't exceed 140 characters." According to WCSH-TV Portland, ME (3/12, Matuszewski) "The classes started exchanging messages, known as Tweets, mid-February." Students write most of their own messages, but, occasionally, the class will write messages as a group. Through the exercise, students learn "lessons in grammar, spelling, security, and digital citizenship."








27 Downloaded books are $2.99.


29 example provided by Julie Hoyt

30 Assessment vs. Evaluation
Assessment should serve as a window into how students work and think as well as a ruler for measuring their progress. Assessment allows us to gain insights into students’ interests, concerns, preoccupations, and styles of thinking. Formative vs. Summative

31 We destroy the love of learning in children, which is so strong when they are small, by encouraging and compelling them to work for petty rewards--gold stars, or papers marked 100 and tacked to the wall, or A's on report cards, or honor rolls, or dean's lists or Phi Beta Kappa keys--in short, for the ignoble satisfaction of feeling that they are better than someone else. ~John Holt

32 Required for an “A” Will use as a introduction to why rubrics are necessary, but will wait to actually show rubrics.

33 Feedback The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is feedback. The simplest prescription for improving education must be ‘dollops of feedback’. The manner in which feedback is communicated to students greatly affects whether it has a positive or negative effect on student achievement. John Hattie, Measuring the effects of schooling. Australian Journal of Education 1992

34 A Brief Review of the Research on Classroom Assessment
Feedback from classroom assessments should give students a clear picture of their progress on learning goals and how they might approve. Feedback on classroom assessments should encourage students to improve. Classroom assessment should be formative in nature. Formative classroom assessments should be frequent. Focus today on formative assessment and feedback - helping regular classroom teachers understand the dynamics of improving student performance Adapted from Robert J. Marzano Classroom Assessment & Grading that Work

35 Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity in Graded and Ungraded Writing Kimberly M. Armstrong — Franklin & Marshall College Foreign Language Annals - vol. 43, No. 4, Winter 2010 Findings suggested that grades had little effect on student writing, and therefore more frequent and more varied ungraded writing assignments may be a productive pedagogical tool for improving the form and content of student writing.

36 Reducing Composition Errors: An Experiment John F
Reducing Composition Errors: An Experiment John F. Lalande, II University of Missouri Foreign Language Annals - vol. 17, No. 2, Winter 2008 reprinted from The Modern Language Journal, 66 (1982) Several implications for the classroom teacher of German and perhaps of other modern foreign languages emerge from this study. These implications are: 1) the development of writing skills of students at the intermediate level of foreign language study can be favorably affected through the use of appropriate techniques; 2) systematic scoring of compositions should be the rule rather than the exception at the intermediate level; 3) since the affective disposition of students is not adversely affected by total correction of written errors, and since students can be made aware of deficiencies in linguistic competence, teachers should consider seriously the adoption of a policy of total correction of written errors; 4) students should receive instructional feedback on their essays…..

37 Composition Correction Reference Sheet
The error chart lists codes for your writing errors. You will use the codes and the samples provided to assess and correct the mistakes that you made in your composition. Code Explanation Sample 1. sp Spelling mistake sp J’aime bein (bien) 2. s/v Subject and verb need to agree s/v Où est-ce que tu habite? (habites) 3. n Noun / adjective agreement n J’adore le petite chien noir. (petit) 4. m Mood – use indicative or subjunctive correctly m Il faut que tu fais tes devoirs. (fasses)

38 Composition Correction Chart
Use this chart to keep track of the number and type of errors that you made in each composition. Your goal is to continue to reduce the number of errors that you make in each category. Devoir 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Titre 1. sp 2. s/v 3. n 4. m

39 Establish a Common Language About Conventions

40 Developed by Parkway School District


42 Closure • ABC….Summarize • Brainstorm round a word • Apple Save
Divide groups in half, set timer for 2 minutes, count at end of time to see number of words, Use engagement as the word Make point, the more open the activity the more language that students can bring to the table

43 Are you suffering from Creative Tension ?

44 Stressed spelled backwards. Laura Terrill

45 World Language / ELL Consultant
Laura Terrill World Language / ELL Consultant 8529 Stark Drive Indianapolis, IN 46216 Cell: Home:

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