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Air Pollution Its Effects on Man and the Environment Welco me Welco me.

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1 Air Pollution Its Effects on Man and the Environment Welco me Welco me

2 At the end of lesson, students should be able to - - describe air pollution and identify the pollutants and their effects - name some strategies that will help control pollution - evaluate two air pollution problems in the region - design an activity to help increase awareness of air pollution Target group: Secondary 4 (Express) Duration / Mode: 70 minutes / Student-centred O bjectives: Next Next

3 H ave you ever wondered how air pollution can affect you and the environment? Let’s learn more about it as we explore the internet and look at some regional problems. Before you begin, download the activity sheet. Now you can embark on the Instructions for students Next Click here Mission

4 Main Menu Air Pollution Sources & Effects Case Studies Quiz Your Mission Let’s learn about Air Pollution Who are the Culprits ? Air Pollution around Us Test Yourself You CAN make a difference!

5 Air Pollution As Man becomes more affluent, he creates more environmental problems. Many of the effects & consequences of these problems are irreversible. Click here What is air pollution ? Main menu Main menu air pollution One such problem is air pollution. If nothing is done to stop the damage to the air around us, the survival of all living organisms will be threatened.

6 What are the components of air pollution ? Click here It is important to recognize that air pollution is created by various materials mixed with air. Consequently, man and the environment will suffer from the combined impact of the whole mixture of pollutants. Culprits Who are the Culprits ? Main menu Main menu

7 Pollution is a REAL problem ! Click Click Main menu Main menu Haze in Singapore Air Pollution: Case Study in China

8 1.Which of the following is not a cause of air pollution? Oil spills Emissions from chemical factory Exhaust from motor vehicles 2.Which of the following is a major component of photochemical smog? Sulphur dioxideNitrogen dioxideCarbon monoxide Which of the following can trigger an asthmatic attack? OzoneChlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)Particulate Matter Main Menu Main Menu Your Mission Your Mission

9 Click here Click here Your answer is CORRECT! SUPERB JOB!

10 Click here Click here Your answer is WRONG! TRY AGAIN!

11 Your Mission Content a) What is air pollution Outline: b) Causes & effects of air pollution c) How individuals can prevent or minimize air pollution Based on the above theme & content outline, Earth DayCampaign: complete one of the following for your school’s Earth Day Campaign: oDesign a Web page o Design a poster and pamphlet Credits Credits Main Menu Main Menu Air Pollution & Us Theme: Air Pollution & Us

12 Credits by A Collaborative Effort by Wong Teck Tian & Yeo Wee John http:// click to exit program Websites URL: Newspaper articles : Supervisor : Dr Tan Seng Chee Moving Mountains for a Breath of Fresh Air The Straits Times, February 16, 2001 Haze in Singapore The Straits Times, July 30, 1999

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