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New Plymouth SENCo Workshop #3 August 21 st 2014.

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1 New Plymouth SENCo Workshop #3 August 21 st 2014

2 Today Sharing session What’s on top? What have you done from our last session? PECs Universal Design for Learning Assessment Portfolios – Apiti, Evernote eLearning opportunities from today What are Inclusive Schools?

3 Thanks Melissa – Over to you (I’ll make the tea) PECS

4 Purpose: Get to know ‘Universal Design for Learning’ Outcome: Plan a lesson using the UDL concepts UDL

5 Resources for this section: 1.Video: UDL principles and practiceUDL principles and practice 2.UDL Guidelines Graphic Organiser 3.Video: Implementing UDLImplementing UDL 4.Universal Design in elementary school 5.Video: UDL in a NZ contextUDL in a NZ context Universal Design for Learning UDL

6 The Concept of UDL Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that addresses the primary barrier to fostering expert learners within instructional environments: inflexible, “one- size-fits-all” curricula. It is inflexible curricula that raise unintentional barriers to learning. UDL

7 As you watch the Video think about these questions:Video what are the big ideas? which of these are new to you? how do these relate to your practice? what could it look like in your rooms? what are the implications?

8 Three primary principles… guide UDL and provide the underlying framework for the Guidelinesprinciples Representation Action and expression Engagement Explore these on your UDL graphic organiser UDL

9 The guidelines can be used to evaluate and plan goals, methods, materials, and assessments for the purpose of creating a fully accessible learning environment for all. Four components Goals Materials Methods (pedagogies) Assessment UDL

10 UDL in a NZ context Unpacking the Video UDL

11 Universal Design for INSTRUCTION “Teachers have a unique understanding of curricular materials, texts, equipment, and technology within the general education setting that is critical to designing appropriate accommodations.” Read this article in sections and share with your group Discuss findings UDL

12 Your Turn: Use the UDL Guidelines to create an exemplar. One Lesson One Subject One Principle UDL

13 Resources for this section: Connections to Practice reading Inclusive statements for sorting Inclusive Schools

14 Read Connections to Practice Discuss the questions at the end Share thinking Activity: What is inclusive behaviour?

15 How are you storing your student evidence? Apiti School exampleApiti School Using Evernote ePortfolios

16 Rewindable apps What you have done with this? Terence How could you use this with one of your children? Share. Tui Write up an activity that uses this concept. Pool everyone’s ideas. Now: Align all these with UDL eLearning

17 Based on what we have been thinking about today; 1.What do you now need to know? 2.How will you develop this? 3.What specific actions will you take? Summing Up

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