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Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird by: Toni Cade Bambara.

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1 Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird by: Toni Cade Bambara

2 Vocabulary LassoedFetid FormalityImpassive PallidDisconsolately VanquishedUnrequited Page 569

3 Toni Cade Bambara ► 1939-1995 ► American writer, civil rights activist and teacher ► Grew up in Harlem ► Graduated from Queens College and studied acting in Europe

4 ► Her stories are set in the rural South and the urban North ► Uses black street dialect ► Gorilla, My Love and The Salt Eaters are two collections of her short stories

5 Background ► Dialect is a way of speaking and writing that is common to people in a particular region or group; it adds color, liveliness and realism ► Examples?

6 Characters/setting/plot ► Cathy, Tyrone & Terry, Granny, Granddaddy Cain, Camera & Smilin, and the narrator ► South, the Cain residence, Christmas time ► The Cain residence is intruded by cameramen to shoot a food stamps commercial (privacy and family dignity)

7 Literary Analysis ► Characterization refers to the way a writer reveals a character’s personality traits ► Direct characterization – writers directly state a character’s personality traits ► Indirect characterization – writers use a character’s actions, thoughts and feelings to suggest a character’s traits

8 Examples of characterization “Father was driving with a reckless and exhilarating skill-”  Indirect “Miss Golden, crisp, fragrant, punctual, shut the door-”  Direct

9 Narrators ► First person narrator – a character within the story tells the story ► Third person narrator – a character not within the story tells the story ► What kind of narrator does this story have?

10 ► What do we know about the narrator of the story? The narrator is a female. This is because the man addresses the group as “ladies”. The narrator is Granny Cain’s granddaughter.

11 How is Granny characterized? ► Granny is outspoken and gets her point across through words. ► The children respect Granny. Specifically, Cathy admires her, Terry & Tyrone fear and respect her

12 How is Granddaddy Cain characterized? ► He is quiet and let his actions speak for him. He has a regal appearance and people resent him for it

13 How are Camera and Smilin characterized? ► Frightened and very intrusive ► Indirectly ► They are scared of the hawk, they don’t ask for permission to be there

14 Activities ► Review and assess on page 576 ► Good worksheets for review TRES03.PDF TRES03.PDF TRES03.PDF

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