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2 Assessment Requirements UnitNATIONAL 4NATIONAL 5 PERFORMANCE SKILLS Performance based – 2 activities required The unit is pass/fail and centre/internally assessed. Externally verified. Performance based – 2 activities required The unit is pass/fail and centre/internally assessed. Externally verified. FACTORS IMPACTING ON PERFORMANCE The unit is pass/fail and centre/internally assessed. Externally verified. The unit is pass/fail and centre/internally assessed. Externally verified. ADDED VALUE (Nat 4) Course Assessment (Nat 5 and Higher) 1 Performance within a more competitive context All Nat 4 Courses are internally assessed Pass/Fail. Externally verified. 1 performance worth 60% of overall Course mark allocation - graded A, B, C or D. Internally assessed and graded. Externally verified. Portfolio worth 40% of overall Course mark graded A, B, C or D. Externally Assessed and graded

3 What do we know? Added Value The performance will have three sections Planning and preparing Planning and making appropriate preparations for the performance Performing Selecting, applying and combining skills making appropriate decisions and adaptations following relevant rules, regulations, etiquette Evaluating Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall personal performance, including strengths and weakness A performance being used by a candidate that is not on the course can be used for the performance in the course assessment as long as the teacher in the centre is responsible for the assessment decision. To enable this, the candidate needs to provide the teacher with valid evidence of the performance eg a video recording with annotated notes from a coach. Emphasis though on the teacher issuing the mark. 10 40 10




7 What do we now know? Factors Impacting on Performance SQA have outlined details of mandatory skills knowledge and understanding for this unit. Factors impacting on performance should come from - mental, emotional, social and physical. Further guidance is currently being developed by the SQA on Emotional and Social. The two factors must come from different areas of MESP. Templates issued for gathering evidence on the Factors Impacting on Performance. These have a nab style layout. Pass/ Fail: Internally assessed, externally verified.

8 What do we know? Portfolio for National 5 The portfolio will carry 40 marks In the portfolio, learners will : Demonstrate their understanding of a range of factors impacting on performance Apply this understanding to identify and justify a performance development priority Plan, develop and implement approaches to personal development Provide evidence of this process using early, middle and late reference points Provide evidence of adaptations / modifications to the development process Show evidence of the results achieved Reflect on the development process Apply knowledge and understanding to plan future development needs Portfolio can be exemplified from the added value performance. Portfolio structure from SQA must be followed at this point in time – there is no time frame for how long that will be.

9 Demonstrate a range of movement and performance skills in physical activities by: 1.1 Selecting and safely applying a range of movement and performance skills, with some control and fluency 1.2 Demonstrating body and spatial awareness with some identifiable patterns and rhythms 1.3 Working co-operatively with others 1.4 Demonstrating techniques, composition or tactics safely 1.5 Making appropriate decisions and adaptations in response to variables 1.6 Demonstrating some consistency of movement and performance skills in straightforward contexts 1 Demonstrate knowledge of factors that impact on performance in physical activities by: 1.1 Describing a method used to identify factors impacting on a performance 1.2 Describing the impact of two factors on a performance 1.3 Identifying a factor that affects a performance and describing an approach to develop this 2 Develop personal performance in physical activities by: 2.1 Identifying strengths and areas for development in a performance 2.2 Preparing and implementing, with some support, a simple development plan to impact positively on a performance 2.3 Monitoring and recording performance development sessions 3 Review the performance development process by: 3.1 Seeking feedback from others 3.2 Reviewing the effectiveness of the development plan in supporting performance development 3.3 Reflecting on performance progress based on all information gathered 3.4 Identifying future development needs

10 Education Scotland Professional Focus Papers Advice and Guidance on Approaches to Teaching and Learning Curriculum support guides Assessment/ How you gather evidence?? = SQA

11 “If you challenge the conventional wisdom, you will find ways to do things much better than they are currently done” Billy Bean, General Manager Oakland Athletics Baseball Team.


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