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 www.webelements.c om/nirogen/ www.webelements.c om/nirogen/

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2  www.webelements.c om/nirogen/ www.webelements.c om/nirogen/

3  Nitrogen has no color and no odor. As a liquid it also has no color or odor. It is non-metallic.  Melting point : -210.1 °C or (-346.18 °F)  Boiling point -195.79 °C (-320.42 °F)

4  nitrogen's Space group number is 194  Its Structure is hexagonal close-packed  Its Cell parameters are:  a : 386.1 pm  b : 386.1 pm  c : 626.5 pm  a: 90.000°  b: 90.000°  y: 120.000°

5  Its Symbol is N  Its Atomic number is 7  It has an atomic weight of 14.0067  It has 7 protons and 7 electrons.

6  It is in block p in the atomic table  It is in group 15 and its group name is Pnictogen  The electron configuration of nitrogen is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 3

7  used by the electronics industry, which uses it as a blanket during production of such components as transistors, diodes,  used in annealing stainless steel and other steel mill products  used as a refrigerant both for the freezing of food products and for transportation of foods

8  liquid nitrogen is used by the oil industry to build up pressure in wells to force crude oil upward  used as an inert atmosphere in tanks of liquid storage tanks, both in ground- based tanks and in ships

9  Nitrogen can be found in the air since the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen  There is also 500 ppb(parts per billion) of nitrogen in the ocean  There is 1000000 ppb’s of nitrogen in the universe

10  It is used in explosives  When mixed with oxygen and subjected to electric sparks, it combines directly with magnesium

11  Nitrogen is used in some golf club heads  It is used as rocket fuel  Mixes with natural gas to make fertilizer 4fprseg

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