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Wake ‘n Bake Food Truck Cindy Chen Goldie Liu Hershow Al-Barazi

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1 Wake ‘n Bake Food Truck Cindy Chen Goldie Liu Hershow Al-Barazi
Michael Molano Pency Mak TingTing Huang Tugce Bora Project Management x470 April 23 - May 25, 2011 EDP

2 Background Project Objective
Over 350,000 people commute everyday to San Francisco from around the Bay Area leaving no time for breakfast. Our team will bridge the gap and strive to make this the easiest meal of the day. Mission To provide San Francisco commuters a mobile source of breakfast carryout that is fresh, gourmet, and convenient. Project Objective By Feb. 1, 2012 open a food truck that provides online pre-order services serving bite sized pastries, coffees and teas in high commute areas.

3 Project Scope Project Assumptions In Scope Out of Scope Modified truck
Launch of Wake n’ Bake food truck Maintaining business post launch One truck at launch Multiple trucks Target one high commute location at launch Multiple locations Website created for ordering sytem Delivery service Project Assumptions Modified truck Kitchen for baking and storage Business License Health and Parking Permits Budget does not include insurance costs Website Vendor will provide agreements to: Guarantee website functionality Provide backup plan to retrieve orders Team Members: Working Part Time – 10 hrs/week Cashier/Barrister/Driver

4 Work Breakdown Structure
Wake ‘n Bake Sales & Marketing Marketing Sales Pastries/Operations Menu Vendors Inventory Baking System (Website for Pre-Order) Web Application (Place Orders) Web Application (Employee Use)

5 Milestone Chart Hershow to insert

6 Gantt Chart Hershow to insert

7 Organization Chart Hershow – please edit to look like the other charts

8 Pasteries/Operations Deliverables
Pastries/Operations Menu Vendors Philz Coffee SFBI Orders Delivery Schedule Payment Inventory Baking ingredients Bulk Ingredients Special Orders Necessities Tracking plan Vendor orders In-House baking Baking Schedule Employees Pastry Chef Pastry Assistant Baking tools ID Pasteries/Operations Deliverables 1 Plan a list of pastries to offer and rotate weekly 2 Finalize a launch menu 3 Purchase inventory for baking ingredients 4 Purchase inventory for necessities 5 Create a tracking plan 6 Finalize order plan with Philz Coffee 7 Finalize contract with SFBI 8 Hire pastry chef and pastry assistant 9 Finalize working schedule for baking 10 Purchase baking tools

9 Pastries Communication Plan Communication Activity
Audience Key Messages Delivery Method When Who Menu preparation Pastry Chef/Pastry assistant Discussion on what to bake In person meeting By Jan 1st, 2012 Tingting Pency Inventory control Communicate status of inventory Weekly Menu Rotation Wake n’ Bake Team New menu for the month Pastry Order SFBI Orders and delivery schedule /Phone

10 Pastries Risk Response Plan
Probability Impact Mitigation Plan 1. Pastry chef/assistant are not able to perform the tasks due to sickness, personal reasons M H Order pastries from SFBI 2. Vendors not able to delivery orders on time due to traffic, car accidents, etc Prepare a backend delivery service to fulfill orders 3. Storage malfunction (ie: power outage) L 4. Limited supply of ingredients Have substitute ingredients ready on hands 5. Food sanitation Employees need to be safety & sanitation Certified

11 Marketing Deliverables 1 Communication Plan & Priorities 2
Sales & Marketing Marketing Logo Creation/Production Implementation Distribution Flyers Fabrication Social Media/Online (Develop Online Short & Long Term Marketing Strategy) Google Facebook Twitter Restaurant/Related Sites Online Discount Sites ID Advertising locations High Traffic Commuter Hubs Key Restaurant Magazines BART poster boards Sales Calculate Operating Budget Requirements Pastries/Operations Budget Website Budget Marketing Budget Develop Discount/Added Value Strategy Local Businesses, Campuses, Corporations ID Marketing Deliverables 1 Communication Plan & Priorities 2 Social Media accounts created – Facebook, Twitter 3 Restaurant sites account created 4 Logo created 5 Flyers printed 6 Flyers distributed in identified locations 7 Sales promotions identified and rolled out to various sources – Local and small businesses, corporations, colleges Hershow: please edit the WBS to reflect what we had intially in the Plan. I see items that were not part of the original. Don’t forget we need to edit the WBS+RAM doc that Michael created to reflect your latest changes.

12 Marketing Communication Plan Communication Activity
Audience Key Messages Delivery Method When Who Promoting new food truck Public New mobile source for breakfast Word-of-mouth, Facebook, flyers January 1, 2012 Hershow Goldie Local & Small Businesses New mobile source for breakfast Face-to-face, flyers January 20, 2012 Nearby Corporations Nearby Schools

13 Marketing Risks Response Plan
Probability Impact Mitigation Plan 1. Commuters are not interested in mobile food truck M H Survey commuters at possible locations to assess interest 2. Price point is too high to be competitive in market  Research other bakeries and food truck prices and determine a comparable price 3. Miss target audience (ads are in wrong location)  Promo codes for different areas that it was distributed and evaluate which areas are working 4. Do not sell enough to make profit Decrease price points at launch and increase as time goes on 5.  Marketing strategy too costly L Prioritize marketing methods and increase as revenue increases

14 Functional requirements (including use cases) 2 Visual design 3
Website for Pre-Order Web Application (Place Orders) Functional requirements (including use cases) Visual design Create, and Execute Test Plan Develop Employee Training Manual Implement Employee Training Web Application (Employee Use) ID Website Deliverables 1 Functional requirements (including use cases) 2 Visual design 3 Completed development 4 Test plan creation 5 Test plan execution 6 Website content (text & images) 7 Instructions for employee use of pre-ordering system 8 Training for employees on using pre-ordering system

15 Website Communication Plan
Communication Activity Audience Key Messages Delivery Method When Who Hand off of requirements Developers Hand off requirements so developers can start coding and testing Word docs in attachment July 6, 2011 Cindy Michael Website development & testing status update Project manager, marketing team Communicate status of development & testing of website Project status dashboard in Excel Every Wednesday from July 6, 2011 to August 24, 2011 Release training documentation Employee Provide training documents, to instruct the employee how to use the internal system to access the pre-orders Training doc in Word docs January 1, 2012 Deployment of employee system Project Team Employee system is ready to launch January 2, 2012 Deployment of customer website Website is ready to launch January 6, 2012

16 Website Risk Response Plan
Probability Impact Mitigation Plan 1. Resource Constraints: Team members work on various projects at work, might not get sufficient time working on this Wake n’ Bake project and thus pushing out the drop dead date for the initial design and requirement Medium High Trying to have the team members work extra hours, to meet the deadline for each milestone delivery for Wake n’ Bake project. 2. If Consulting firm does not understand the requirement, the implementation might not meet the requirement (functionality) Low Offer several requirement walkthroughs aside from just delivering the requirements to them, therefore ensuring they are in sync with our requirements and reduce the risk of misunderstanding the requirement 3. The website may not deploy on time (implementation) We need to specify clearly, in our contract, when will be the production deployment date; and will try to eliminate the factors that might cause the delay of the website deployment   4. Lacking of experience of various consulting firms or contractors, which might result in we not selecting the best fit consulting firms or contractors Perform in-depth research on the firms to make sure that they have worked on a similar project. 5. If the logo won’t be finalized by marketing team, it might prolong software development life cycle We will work with Marketing team, to ensure the logo will be finalized on time

17 Budget

18 We look forward to seeing you
in February for the launch of Wake ‘n Bake!

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