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WELCOME Math Navigator and Focus Math Your Guide: Paula Jones.

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1 WELCOME Math Navigator and Focus Math Your Guide: Paula Jones

2 Today’s Focus Understand the philosophy, components and lesson design for: Math Navigator Focus Math

3 WELCOME! Your Guide: Paula Jones

4 What do you already know about Math Navigator?

5 Math Navigator Deepens students’ knowledge of critical mathematics concepts Closes the gaps in students’ understanding Repairs students’ misconceptions Develops essential mathematical practices.

6 The Math Navigator Common Core Philosophy

7 Scaffolding Instruction Scaffolding is breaking up the learning into chunks and then providing a tool, or structure, with each chunk. —Alber (2011)

8 Components 26 Modules –Teacher Edition –Show Me Cards –Student Edition –Study Cards 30-45 minutes / lesson 20 days / module

9 Math Navigator Does NOT repeat initial teaching Is NOT remedial in nature Instead the program focuses on…. Revising misconceptions Helping students reconstruct their conceptual framework

10 Math Navigator –uses students’ prior knowledge and focuses on and fixes misconceptions that students have developed –targets specific mathematical concepts—in particular those that cause students the most difficulty –takes an algebraic approach to reviewing arithmetic –creates a language-rich environment –does not just fill content gaps, but also teaches students to be better learners of mathematics

11 Rituals and Routines What is the teacher’s role in teaching mathematics? How can teachers use students’ misconceptions as a pathway for learning? How do the rituals and routines of Math Navigator Common Core benefit students? Big Questions

12 The Research

13 Six Principles of Effective Intervention Targeted Concepts The Algebraic Structure of Arithmetic Prior Knowledge The Language-Rich Environment Better Learners of Mathematics Instructional Support (America’s Choice n.d., 2–10)

14 Preview Materials

15 Navigating a Lesson

16 The Lesson Cycle

17 The Teacher’s Role

18 The Lesson Cycle

19 Show Me The Show Me section can be at the beginning or end of a lesson uses Show Me Cards and questions can be used as an informal assessment 5 minutes Note: you may not get through all the Show Me Cards

20 Show Me (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012f, 38) (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012c)

21 Show Me What can you learn about students who can answer all of the questions correctly or most correctly? What can you learn about those who struggle with the problems? What misconceptions might you be dealing with in this lesson? How might this information cause you to adapt your instruction?

22 Setting the Direction (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012g, 10)

23 Work Time

24 Presenting the Task (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012e, 60)

25 Solo and Partner Work (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012e, 60)

26 Identifying Student Misconceptions


28 Probing for Understanding

29 How do students currently present their work? What do you ask students to present? What are the benefits? What can you do to probe deeper into students’ thinking?

30 Probing for Understanding QUESTION

31 Questions to Probe for Understanding Does that make sense mathematically? Why does that make sense mathematically? Why do you want to make ten? Why can you change the order?

32 Reflecting on the Lesson

33 College and Career Readiness, the Practices, and Math Navigator Common Core #30 How does Math Navigator Common Core help students become college and career ready and meet the expectations of the CCSSM? Big Question

34 Math Navigator Common Core and the Standards for Mathematical Practice (McCallum 2011)

35 Assessment

36 Assessing Student Progress (Pearson Education, Inc. 2012d 1, 70)

37 Using Data from Assessment and Reporting Online System (ARO) Reports

38 ARO

39 Sample Student Report


41 Thank you!

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