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The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program

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1 The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program
VB-MAPP Amy Cohen, Ph.D, BCBA Maigret Fay, M.Ed, BCBA Julie Smith, MA, BCBA HowardCenter Autism Spectrum Program

2 Objectives Review of Verbal Behavior
Conducting the Milestone Assessment Framework and Tips for completing formal assessments

3 The VB-MAPP Based on B.F. Skinner’s (1957) analysis of verbal behavior, developmental milestones, and field-test data from typically developing children, children with autism, and children with other developmental disabilities.

4 Video Verbal Operants Intended to review the language

5 The VB-MAPP There are five components of the VB-MAPP
The VB-MAPP: Skills Assessment contains 170 measurable milestones across 16 skill areas, and 3 developmental levels (0-18 mos., mos., mos.), The VB-MAPP: Barriers Assessment examines 24 common learning and language acquisition barriers faced by children with language delays The VB-MAPP: Transition Assessment provides an overall summary assessment of a child’s readiness to move to a less restrictive educational setting The VB-MAPP: Task Analysis and Skills Tracking provides a further breakdown of skill areas in the form of a checklist for skills tracking. Approximately 900 skills that are developmentally balanced and sequenced The VB-MAPP: IEP Goals corresponds with the 4 assessments above. Provides specific direction for each of the 170 milestones and suggestions for IEP goals

6 Tips for the tester Reinforcer assessment
Establish rapport- Pair yourself with fun activities. Keep testing materials/reinforcers out of students reach and easily accessible to you Reinforce the student for correct responding and appropriate behaviors Use an appropriate level of enthusiasm

7 Tips cont….. Allow time for breaks
During breaks don’t allow the child to play with highly reinforcing items Intersperse known tasks with more challenging tasks Give the child enough time (3-5 seconds) to respond Don’t repeat the question or task any more than 3 times Always end the testing session with a correct response, reinforcement and on a positive note

8 Discussion If you have not yet completed a VB-MAPP for a student:
What are some concerns about using this tool? If you have conducted a VB-MAPP for a student: What have been some challenges? What has worked well?

9 Assessment Framework

10 Example of Milestone in Level 1

11 Example of Assessment

12 Example continued…

13 Example of Milestone in Level 2

14 Example of Assessment

15 Example of Milestone in Level 3

16 Example of Assessment

17 Video of Assessment

18 Activity Pair into teams. Take turns being the child and instructor.
Select one of the two assessments and practice running it and collecting data. After practicing, review packets of assessments. Discuss students and how packets will support assessment process. Questions/comments

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