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The Grassland Biome Created by Darius Fiallo, Cynthia Beachy, and Tin Vu.

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1 The Grassland Biome Created by Darius Fiallo, Cynthia Beachy, and Tin Vu

2 Plants (Coneflower) Coneflower is a purple flower found in North America. It can grow as big to 2-3 feet tall and is used to cure fever, infections, and it get’s the immune system going by activating macrophages which are involved in destroying foreign bacteria. It is also used by Native Americans to cure snake bites. The coneflower may be helpful in curing tumors too. The flower’s genus name is Echinacea.

3 Plants(Buffalo Grass) Buffalo grass is a very hardy and short grass that mostly grows in North American prairies which our parts of grassland biomes. In the Winter it turns tan and in Fall it changes to lavender. Buffalo grass is very drought resistant which is an adaptation most plants will need to survive in grassland biomes. In dry seasons it also stops growing and goes dormant. The genus name for Buffalo grass is Buchloe.

4 Animals (Greater Prairie Chicken) The Greater Prairie Chickens are grassland birds slowly going extinct. This endangered species lives in North America. To attract a mat the male Greater Prairie Chicken inflates his orange neck feathers and to further impress her stomps the ground. The genus name of the Greater Prairie Chicken is Tympanuchus Cupido.

5 Animals (Pronghorns) Pronghorns are some of the fastest running animals in North America reaching speeds of 65km/h(40mph). Pronghorns are also good swimmers and 4 days after birth they can outrun a human. The species name for Pronghorns is Antilocapra Americana. Sadly Pronghorns are now rare due to over- hunting and other reasons.

6 Yearly Temperature In the grasslands the temperature is very large over the course of the year. Temperatures in the summer can be well over 38°C while winter temperatures can be as cold as -40°C.

7 Yearly Precipitation From the information my group and I have gathered there are 3 types of grasslands. There is the temperate grassland, the tropical and sub-tropical. The yearly precipitation for the temperate grassland is 24.5cm-76.2cm of rain. The yearly amount of precipitation for the tropical and sub-tropical grasslands are 63.5cm-152.4cm. Due to the low amount of precipitation there are many droughts and fires.

8 Globe Location There are grassland biomes in every continent except Antarctica. There are other names for grasslands such as steppes, prairies, and savannahs.

9 Interesting facts Precipitation is so erratic drought and fires prevent trees and forests from growing. 2 types of prairies in the grasslands= Tall grass (Wet and humid.) and short grass (Dry and has hot summers and cold winters.) Most grassland biomes are in middle latitudes.

10 Food Chain/Web Arrows show energy being passed on. Red Tailed Hawk Wild Turkeys Purple ConeflowersBuffalo Grass Greater Prairie Chicken Bison Coyote Bobcat Gray Wolf Sun

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