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Career building, CV writing and facing the interview board

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1 Career building, CV writing and facing the interview board
BUS 251, Taufique Hossain

2 Types of companies in Bangladesh
Telecom FMCG & Retail Bank & Financial Garments Energy Real Estate NGOs Advertising agencies HR agencies Research firms Media

3 Things to look for in a job
Salary Bonus Other benefits Type of work Job environment Management style Career growth opportunity Status

4 Employers approach to employment process
Looking for someone inside the organization Relying on contacts and personal recommendations Hiring an employment agency or search firms

5 Your approach to the employment process
Stay abreast of business and financial news Researching specific companies Networking Seeking career counseling

6 Preparing Résumés Analyzing your purpose & audience
Create interest rather than telling every details Research the organization and the type of job Research the people who will be viewing your CV.

7 Preparing Résumés Organizing your CV around your strengths
Common problems Frequent job change Gaps in work history Inexperience Over qualification Long term employment with one company

8 Composing your résumé Use short crisp phrases Avoid using the word I
Use strong action verbs: Accomplished, achieved, assisted, coordinated, established, generated, implemented, initiated, launched, maintained, organized, participated, performed, supervised, transformed, upgraded etc.

9 Composing your résumé AVOID WEAK STATEMENTS
USE ACTIVE STATEMENTS THAT SHOW RESULTS Responsible for developing a new filing system Developed a new filing system that reduced paperwork by 50 percent I was in charge of customer complaints and all ordering problems Handled all customer complaints and resolved all product order discrepancies I won a trip to Europe for opening the most new customer accounts in my department Generated the highest number of new customer accounts in my department Member of special campus task force to resolve student problems with existing cafeteria assignments Assisted in implementing new campus dining program that balances student wishes with cafeteria capacity

10 Composing your résumé Name & Contact Information Introductory Statement Career objective Qualification summary Career summary Education Work experience Skills & Accomplishments Activities and achievements

11 Revising résumé Too long Too short or sketchy Difficult to read Wordy
Amateurish Poorly produced Spelling and grammar error Boastful Too generic Gimmicky

12 Cover Letter When applying for a job a cover letter should be sent or posted with your resume. Your cover letter should be specific to the position you are applying for, relating your skills and experience to those noted in the job posting. Your cover letter is your first (and best) chance to make a good impression!

13 Interview Preemployment testing Learning about the organization
Thinking ahead about the questions Planning for the employer’s question Planning questions of your own

14 Be ready for warm-up stage
Stay on your toes; even initial small talk is part of the interviewing process. Greet the interviewer with a smile and direct eye contact. Offer a firm (not crushing) handshake if the interviewer extends a hand. Take a seat only after the interviewer invites you to sit or has taken his or her own seat. Listen for clues about what the interviewer is trying to get you to reveal about you and your qualifications

15 Understand the question and answer stage
Let the interviewer lead the conversation. Never answer a question before the interviewer finishes asking it. Listen carefully to the interviewer and watch for nonverbal signals. Don’t limit yourself to simple yes-or-no answers; expand on the answer to show your knowledge of the company (but don’t ramble on). Often you have the opportunity, ask questions from the list you’ve prepared; remember that interviewers expect you to ask questions.

16 Close on a strong note. Watch and listen for signs that the interview is about to end. Quickly evaluate how well you’ve done and correct any misperceptions the interviewer might have. Don’t bring up salary but be prepared to discuss it if the interviewer raises the subject. End with a warm smile and a handshake and thank the interviewer for meeting with you.

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