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Skeletal System By Zohra and Shohana.

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1 Skeletal System By Zohra and Shohana

2 what happens if it is damaged?
If your skeletal system was damaged there will be nothing to protect your brain. Your skull protects your brain so that your brain doesn't get damaged. This is why you need your skeletal system.

3 What will happen without it
If you had not have a skeletal you would flop down like a jelly fish. You wouldn't be able to do hardly anything.

4 Are bones alive? It sounds creepy, but bones are alive. Bones are like any part of your body, are living Tissues.Celles in your bone are constantly Dividing and dying. You nee to make sure that your bones stay healthy. To do that you need exercise.

5 Interesting Facts When you are born you have 300 bones, when you are an adult you have 206 bones. The smallest bone is called the stirrup which is deep inside your ear. The largest bone is your pelvis or the hip bone. The longest bone is called the femur in the thigh.

6 Why is it important? The skeletal system is important to us because if you didn't had it you wouldn't be able to jump,bend,run,skip,stand,walk and more things. We need the skeletal system because it helps us move our body to one and another place.

7 Information about the skeletal system
The skeletal system helps us move our body. The reason why when you are born you have three hundred bones and when you are an adult you have two hundred and six. It is because when you are begging to grow up and then become an adult some of your bones joints together to make one long bone.

8 Pictures of the skull.

9 Pictures of the skeletal system

10 Hope you enjoyed it!

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