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By: Liz Fleischer Period 3

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1 By: Liz Fleischer Period 3
Turner Syndrome By: Liz Fleischer Period 3

2 How is it inherited? Only affects females
Caused by the complete or partial absence of one of the two X chromosomes. Researchers haven’t determined which genes on the X chromosome cause most signs and symptoms of Turner syndrome

3 Symptoms Ranges in severity Minor cosmetic issues Major heart defects
Almost all have short stature and loss of ovarian function. Some other symptoms of Turner syndrome can include problems with breast development, infertility, short fingers and toes, and kidney problems. 1 in 2,500 girls have this disorder

4 Examples of Cosmetic Defects

5 Details They have a normal life span
Turner syndrome is a condition that is caused by a chromosomal abnormality, so no specific cure Scientists have developed a number of treatments that can help correct some of the problems associated with the condition such as growth problems. Usually diagnosed at brith or around puberty.

6 The Family This is a syndrome in which the victim is not directly effected socially, but the family will have to deal with the victim usually not being able to reproduce and they also will have to deal with the fact that the victim will die at a relatively young age

7 What I Have Learned Throughout my researching I have learned that genetic disorders are dangerous and seriously risky when families have new children. I have also learned numerous facts about Turner Syndrome.

8 References

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