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La Haine – Les techniques.

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1 La Haine – Les techniques.
Lesson Objectives: In this lesson you will learn to analyse the technical elements of the film. Camerawork, camera tricks, music.

2 Camerawork Use of black and white Mobility of the camera
Flashy effects Plans-sequences. – used to show longer sequences

3 Difference in the two halves
In the cite, use more close ups and shorter lenses, fix people against the background In Paris, longer lenses to detach them and really make them stand out! In Paris, more indoor scenes and virtually all at night.

4 Mirrors! The scene in the bathroom was shot without a mirror!
An extra stood in for Vinz’s back to avoid camera reflection in such a small location. Scene in the toilets, camera swirls between real characters and their reflections creating a disorientating effect.

5 The nightclub scene Vinz’s face in close-up on the left, fantasy killing in the long shot on the right. Filmed in a single shot, but contrasted lighting suggest two different spaces and hints at Vinz’s mental disorder.

6 Realistic? Socially oriented story of young men in a non-glamorous banlieue surroundings, but these tricks make them and their decor exciting.

7 Music Surprisingly little music in the film.
The choice of songs punctuate the film. Only 6 instances when music is more than a background. Apart from Bob Marley opening – all brief. Avoids the classic use of film music as emotional enhancement. Gives the spectator time to think and digest without emotional reaction. Establishes a cultural climate.

8 Music Cultural identification. However it’s not all rap!
Reggae, disco-inspired soul, funk, R&B, Arabic music and snippets of French chanson (Edith Piaf) American dominated and youth oriented. Faint echoes of Schubert's Ave Maria in Asterix’s flat echo alien high culture. The music is racially mixed like the film.

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